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) -- The markets bounced back Monday as European debt concerns eased.


Dow Jones Industrial Average

jumped 272.38, or 2.53%, to 11,043.86. The

S&P 500

rose 26.52, or 2.33%, to 1162.95. The


added 33.46, or 1.35%, to 2516.69.

Karen Finerman said on


's "Fast Money" TV show that she's sees a setup coming like the one in the past quarter where there was a big move from fixed income to equities.

Brian Kelly said the reports of a big eurozone bailout proposal under consideration moves Europe one step closer to printing money or euro bonds, but he emphasized there's still a long way to go.

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3 Stocks I Saw on TV

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Joe Terranova said today's price action illustrated how sensitive the markets are to good news from Europe. He said the markets are looking for the recapitalization of European banks and the neutralization of the debt contagion that has spread to Spain and Italy.

Terranova said this kind of "good" news allows the markets to reward underperformers such as energy, industrials, financials and builders.

Guy Adami, who still is bearish about the market, said he could see another 30 points in the rally if the S&P can stay above 1620. His guess is that the S&P will test 1020.

Tim Seymour said the retail investor is not in this market. Rather, he sees hedge funds putting money to work in the absence of anything negative.

Despite the drop in gold, Adami said he could get right back in the gold trade trade, while Terranova said the better trade might be in silver where he has been in silver puts.


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was down today on reports that it cut its overseas iPad orders by 25%. Seymour said he was taking the reports with a grain of salt beause the company had not confirmed them.

How worried should Apple be about



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new tablet? Sarah Rotman Epps, an analyst at Forrester Research, said Amazon's first table will be formidable because it will offer content and services. She said the tablet will be more of a concern for non-Apple competitors. She said Amazon will be the Android tablet market a year from now.

She also said



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Windows 8, which is geared toward tablets, will have an impact. Seymour said Samsung is also a worthy competitor to Apple in the tablet space.

Lee shifted the discussion to

Berkshire Hathaway


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plan to buy back stock. Whitney Tilson, of T2 Partners, liked the buyback so much that his firm added to its position in the stock.

Tilson said the buyback shifts the risk-reward significantly to the favorable side because it establishes a hard floor to a relatively cheap stock. Unlike a typical buyback, this one has no time limit, no dollar limit and a specific price that Berkshire would buy back the stock (anything under 10% premium to book), he said.

According to Tilson, Berkshire has $57 billion of liquidity to carry out the backback. He said the move reflects Buffet's belief that the market is not about to collapse and that this buyback is a good use of cash.

Commenting on rumblings of a big eurozone bailout. Amelia Bordeau, of Westpac Institutional Bank, said the idea of a specific purpose vehicle to issue bonds and buy sovereign debt is a good idea because the eurozone needs something with a lot of firepower. But she said it certainly is going to entail more debate and a rocky road ahead. As a result, she is shorting the euro-dollar this week.

Shifting to


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, which tumbled today with the removal of the takeover premium following the withdrawal of Carl Icahn's bid. Finerman said she got out of the stock today, adding it was hard to get excited about the likelihood of success for Icahn's proposal without a slate to back it up. "The board has no pressure on it."

For a technical view of the markets, Jeff Weiss, of Tejas Securities Group, said the signals in the near term look much better for the bulls. He sees the S&P falling into a range between being above 1230 and below 1260 on a weekly closing basis.

Lee noted that


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was in the news today after it delivered its first Dreamliner to All Nippon Airways. But Adami said his favorite stock in the space remains

Precision Castparts


, which he advised is worth getting into on the pullback.

Lee brought in Richard Kirshenbaum, an ad executive and author of

Madboy, My Journey from Adboy to Adman

, who noted a major shift in ad spending from traditional media to social media, online and mobile. However, he said, "TV still rules."

In the final moves, Seymour liked

Embraer S.A.

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. Adami liked Precision Castparts. Finerman liked


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. Terranoval liked the financials and energy names.


Written by David Tong in San Francisco.

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