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) -- The markets were mixed Friday as the industrials rallied .


Dow Jones Industrial Average

jumped 65.67, or 0.63%, to 10,471.50, while the

S&P 500

added 4.06, or 0.37%, to 1,106.41. The


fell 0.55, 0.03%, to 2,190.31.

Melissa Lee, the moderator of


's "Fast Money" TV show, said the industrial sector was strong in today's session and asked the panel for some plays.

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3 Stocks I Saw onTV

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Guy Adami noted

United Tech


's move to buy back $1.5 billion worth of stock next year and its "pretty good earnings growth." "It's a slow, steady stock," he said.

Joe Terranova mentioned



, which was up $1.15 today. He said a lot of shorts were getting squeeze after JPMorgan Chase raised the price target for the stock to $25.

Pete Najarian said coal and steel stocks have been particularly strong in the industrial space. He said he saw strength across the board in the commodities, including copper, iron ore and steel. He particularly liked

Alpha Natural Resources


, in which an analyst raised its price target to $47. He also liked

Walter Energy


, which received an upgrade.

Adami said he liked

3L Communications



Rockwell Collins


, both of which hit 52-week highs.

Terranova said he liked the steel names, including

US Steel



AK Steel





. He said the steel names are performing well and have pricing power.

Lee said the dollar rally brought down oil and gold. Terranova said investors are dealing with a contango situation and a $2 premium for the second month of oil. He said portfolio managers want exposure to the integrated names but not the futures.

Adami said the dollar could easily rally 10% to 12% from here in a couple of weeks.

Retail sales were a bright spot in today's trading session. Lee said the November sales were double what analysts had expected. Finerman said it was difficult for her to draw any conclusions from the data. Terranova said the best trade in this sector is to go with companies liked







Polo Ralph Lauren


because they cater to affluent customers.

Lee noted that some of biggest names in tech are dragging down the sector. Najarian, though, said he didn't see that much of a pullback in tech stocks and that it appears the stocks are consolidating and waiting for the next move up. Terranova noted that expectations were high on

Texas Instrument



whose fundamentals hadn't changed.

Lee invited Peter Schiff, president of Euro Pacific Capital, to talk about China's strengthening economy. He said the best way to invest in China, which saw a 26% year-over-year increase in imports, is to invest in Chinese companies. He said his company has a fund devoted to that purpose.

He said China's economy will improve once it stops suppressing the value of its currency and allows it to rise. He said that move will empower the middle class and provide the country with more capital.

Lee brought in


reporter Steve Liesman to talk about a new


survey on consumer sentiment nationwide. He said the survey showed that people, despite $780 billion worth of stimulus, are pessimistic about the economy. He said that pessimism is due to two factors: expectations of just a 1.3% increase in wages in next 12 months and declining housing prices.

He said retail sales will jump during the holidays principally because the wealthy have the money to spend.

Lee said utility stocks were the best performer in the past month. Terranova said a lot of that had do with the production of electricity. His pick in this space:

NRG Energy


. Adami's pick was



a nice, "slow and steady stock" with a fair valuation.

Lee brought in Mitch Lowe, president of Redbox, which runs a growing and profitable network of DVD kiosks. Lowe said the kiosks offer customers a convenient way to pick up a rental at one kiosk and drop it off at another. Furthermore he said the kiosks are situated in such popular retail outlets as






and 7-Elevens.

Lowe welcomed the move by




( BBI) to install 2,500 kiosks this year. He said he sees a long future for DVD rentals despite the threat from downloaded movies.

Lowe said his company is study the various ways their customers want their movies so that it can come up with the appropriate business model.

In the options pit, Brian Stutland, president of Stutland Equities, said a good and relatively safe way to play the rise in

Best Buy


is with a call spread.

In the final trades, Terranova noted

Church & Dwight


and advised taking some off the table. Adami favored

3L Communications


. Finerman liked

Boston Scientific


. And Najarain said he would buy




-- Written by David Tong in San Francisco

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