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'Fast Money' Recap: How Crude

One trader says don't bet that crude goes much lower, while another says crude oil is way too hard right here.
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Erin Burnett hosted CNBC's "Fast Money" Wednesday night. She started off the show by saying the story of the day was oil, which fell below $110 a barrel. Jeff Macke explained that oil isn't going to launch the market higher or provide a catalyst. Karen Finerman said the story of the day was commodities, or the continuation of the selling for the sector from yesterday. She thinks other commodity funds like Ospraie could fail due to redemptions.

The Chart of the Day was the

S&P 500

trading channel. Burnett said if the chart breaks below 1265 it could fall back to the July lows. Guy Adami didn't agree, but he also doesn't think the market is going higher. Pete Najarian thinks the two catalysts in the market are oil and the credit crunch. He said bank stocks looked strong today and energy stocks are weak. Macke said commodities are breaking and it's time for investors to shorten up their grips.

The traders moved the discussion to crude oil. Adami said he wouldn't bet that crude goes much lower from here. He feels the next move is a run back to $115. Macke mentioned crude oil is way too hard right here.

Burnett brought up



, which was a big drag on the


today. Adami pointed out that Alcoa had a nice run in the first-half of the year. Macke said he likes



because the stock is coming into support around the $150 area. He thinks you can get long around that level with a stop at $145. Adami agreed on POT and said the stock could be bottoming here.

Najarian pointed out that the refiners like

Valero Energy





were hot today. He also noticed unusual options activity in refinery company

Frontier Oil


. He said the September $20 calls were very active with over 10,000 contracts trading hands.

Next, the traders talked about the retail sector, which is due out with some big August same-stores sales figures on Thursday. Macke said the results will be ugly and disappointing. He said he's trading it by staying long



. Adami said now is the time to take profits in

Home Depot


and look to buy it back cheaper. Finerman mentioned she took some profits in

J. Crew Group



J.C. Penny


because the stocks have made big moves in the last two weeks.

The "Fast Money" traders moved on to talk about the technology sector. Najarian pointed out that technology is getting weak. He feels hedge fund manager Bill Fleckenstein is going to be right that tech is the next sector to take a big hit. Najarian mentioned that




Research In Motion





are all getting weaker even when the tape is strong. Adami disagreed on Corning. He said now is the time to take a look at GLW on valuation.

Burnett pointed out that auto stocks traded up today. Macke said

General Motors


is trading well, but the stock is just a call option on "the dead." Najarian said he likes



because it has jumped into solar and the hybrid market. He feels the GM and Ford trade is all about oil. Macke said he continues to short

Toyota Motor


, which he feels is the most over-rated company on the planet."

The traders turned the talk toward the financial sector. Finerman said

Lehman Brothers


traded up today after reports surfaced that the company is in talks with



. She told viewers to stay away from the stock here. Adami went with



in the financial sector.

Joe Terranova joined the crew to discuss the best way to trade crude oil with the weekly inventory report due out Thursday. Terranova said the important thing to look for in this week's inventory numbers, is if you continue to see declines in reformulated gasoline. He said the refiners are moving higher because supplies and inventory are moving lower. Terranova feels that


is most likely going to defend oil at $100. He thinks the better play is remaining on the sidelines, remain a buyer and don't short crude at current levels.

Jon Najarian joined the traders to discuss the global growth trade. He said at this level he likes



, with the stock down 30% on the year. He favors the stock on a value basis and for a play on wireless in India and China. He explained that Nokia has a large market share in India of 55%. He also thinks the new Nokia products on the high end are competing with products from Research In Motion and Apple.

Pete Najarian added that Nokia is getting into the smartphone handset market in North America aggressively. He said the stock will be up big in three to six months. Jon Najarian also recommended

Yum! Brands


for a play on China.

The traders moved the discussion to companies that are making big transformations with their business models. Macke said

Whole Foods Market





are making big mistakes with the changes to their business models. He said avoid both stocks.

Finerman offered up three stocks that have come up with successful transformations. She said



did a good job in the early '80s from switching from a memory to a chip firm. Another one is

Bank of New York Mellon


, which shifted from being a bank to a fee and transaction company.

The last one was



. She explained IBM changed from a mainframe company to a consulting and service firm. Adami said he likes the transformation going on at

Johnson & Johnson


. He said a few years ago JNJ was a drug company, but now it gets 25% of its revenue from consumer products. Najarian mentioned he likes the changes going on at



. He mentioned the company is now getting into the retail space and doing a good job of making its products cooler.

Trader Radar

Shares of

Ethan Allen Interiors


were among the most actively traded stocks on the



Oppenheimer chief market strategist, Carter Worth, joined the crew to discuss the technical outlook for some brokerage stocks. He said the shares for online trading companies look very good here. Worth told viewers to avoid

Merrill Lynch



Morgan Stanley


and Lehman Brothers. He explained that all of these charts are in established downtrends. Instead, Worth prefers the chats for




Charles Schwab



Raymond James



The bottom line from Worth is that you can be long the online names and not own the traditional brokerages. Najaran agreed with Worth on Ameritrade and Charles Schwab due to impressive transaction volumes. However, he said he likes Morgan Stanley more than

Goldman Sachs Group


here. Najarian explained that Morgan Stanley is growing its retail arm.

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