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) -- The markets rallied Thursday on a key eurozone vote and some good news on initial jobless claims.


Dow Jones Industrial Average

jumped 143.08, or 1.30%, to 11,153.98. The

S&P 500

added 9.34, or 0.81%, to 1160.40. The


fell 10.82, or 0.43%, to 2480.76.

Pete Najarian said on


's "Fast Money" TV show that high-end retail names like


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got crushed on concerns over a slowdown in China's economy.

For a breakout of some stocks from a recent "Fast Money" TV show, check out Dan Fitzpatrick's "3 Stocks I Saw on TV."

3 Stocks I Saw on TV

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Joe Terranova said the trade now is to sell first and raise cash. He said he was adopting this approach in consumer discretionary and tech names.

Karen Finerman said she was hanging onto


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and BMW.

Pete Najarian said there was unusually heavy activity in the

ProShares Ultra Short S&T 500 ETF

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from investors who were betting on a pullback.

Options trader Mike Khouw said with elevated volatility, the options markets are anticipating a high correlation of stocks that rise and fall together. He said the broader macro growth picture has made investors skittish.

Terranova said the risk-on trade could come back on next week if there is a hint of positive news from the US ISM and jobless reports.

Melissa Lee, the moderator of the show, said it was a painful day for high momentum tech names, especially


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, which was down 11.28% today and nearly 50% for September. Adami said it will be a difficult road for Netflix because it is a broken stock. Khouw said options traders have been leaning heavily on the short side of the stock.

Shifting to chip sector and the decline in


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, Romit Shah, an analyst with Nomura Securities, said the company's manufacturing and supply constraints are not going to go away soon. He also said it faces a tough competitor in


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and a struggling PC market.

The analyst said he was concerned with Intel in the short run and stressed the need for the chipmaker to get into smartphones.

For a global perspective of the markets, Jeff Palma, head of global equity strategy for UBS, said he was cautious about the global economy because the problems in Europe are far from resolved and macro-growth concerns are surfacing in the rest of the world.

He said it is necessary for investors to be selective in their investments. He said the good news is that China and the emerging markets could provide a pop to the markets because they can use monetary and fiscal policies to stimulate their economies.

Lee asked the panel to provide their picks for the fourth quarter. Pete Najarian said he would nibble at

Freeport McMoran

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Walter Energy


. Finerman said she was going to be more U.S. focused on value plays in the consumer discretionary stocks such as


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. Adami said biotech and health care names deserved a look.

Terranova said he had just got in

Morgan Stanley

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Goldman Sachs

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Wells Fargo

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. Khouw said he liked the industrial space, including names such as

Joy Global




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From the volatility playbook, Jon Najarian said Chinese stocks such as


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were getting hit hard because of a report that the Justice Department was looking into accounting irregularities in a number of Chinese companies. The decline even affected U.S. stocks like

Wynn Resorts

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with exposure to China.

Is the sun setting on solar? Lee brought in Kevin Smith, CEO of Solarreserve, whose company is waiting word from the Department of Energy on a $737 million loan guarantee.

Smith acknowledged the solar energy is going through a trying time because of the Solyndra scandal. He said the loan guarantee his company is seeking is for the construction of a solar thermal plant in Nevada that will employ 4,300 workers. In addition, the company has a 25-year contract to sell 100% of the electricity from the plant.

As a result of the Solyndra scandal and difficult political environment, the company is looking overseas for future projects, he said.

Gold continued its decline today. James West, CEO of Midas Letter Portfolio Advisors, said gold has declined 10% during a two-week window.

Over the past decade, gold has rebounded from corrections to establish new highs, he said.

West said the dips in physical gold represent buying opportunities and an excellent time for him to bargain for gold mining properties.

In the final moves, Terranova liked

ProShares Ultra Short 20+ Year US Treasury

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. Adami liked

Helmerich & Payne

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. Finerman liked



. And Terranova liked


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Written by David Tong in San Francisco.

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