Dylan Ratigan started the "Fast Money" show mentioning some events that occurred in today's trading day. He said "

Freddie Mac


Fannie Mae

were whacked today" and also stated how oil rallied.

Pete Najarian said "oil was up a couple of bucks all day before it rallied toward the end of the day," but he said besides oil, coal fertilizer stocks continued to work today.

Najarian also pointed out the how

Chesapeake Energy

(CHK) - Get Report

"was up big" on considerable volume. The stock was up about 7% to $61.58 with over 30 million shares traded, average trading volume is 13 million.

Guy Adami went on to say "if the world is so bad, why is

Dow Chemical

(DOW) - Get Report


Rohm & Hass


for a 74% premium?" He then said, "it is clear that corporate America sees value out there."

Najarian agreed with Adami, stating that the CEO of Dow Chemical mentioned in today's conference call that Rohm & Hass was not the only company it was considering to buy in the marketplace. Najarian says investors should look into other companies within the sector since they could get bought out by another company.

Macke stated proudly he bought more shares of

United States Oil

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The Chart of the Day was

Lehman Brothers


, which fell after rumors that Pimpco, the world's biggest bond fund, pulled its business away from the investment bank. The stock turned down by 12% to $17.30.

Najarian recommended


(WB) - Get Report

. He said the stock has a 10% dividend yield and suggest investors to "keep an eye on it."

Adami is telling investors Lehman Brothers is a buy! He said he recommended this stock before for a quick trade and it happened, he believes it is ripe for another quick trade. He goes on by saying "you will see $21 before you see $16."

Ratigan mentioned


(GOOG) - Get Report

is up after-hours after

Deutsche Bank

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upgraded the stock to a Buy.

Finerman believes the valuation is not bad in technology, but is worried about how to play the tape of the market.

Najarian says he loves technology right now. He mentioned he is not into big Tech companies like


(INTC) - Get Report

but more specifically he likes companies within wireless.

Ratigan mentioned

Wynn Resorts'

(WYNN) - Get Report

15% surge after-hours after announcing a buy-back program of $500.

Finerman finds


(TGT) - Get Report

is attractive at its current levels and is pondering whether to add on to her position. But she is hesitant since she said "it is such a horrible tape" and makes it difficult to know when would be the right time to enter the stock.

Macke was not in agreement with Finerman. He said, "there are only two retailers our there," and they are


(WMT) - Get Report



(COST) - Get Report


Wayne Angell, Former Federal Reserve Governor, suggested Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae issue preferred stock and have the government buy some. He also stated that he does not see the economy getting better but expects anemic growth until there is some stabilization in the housing sector.

Gene Munster, Piper Jaffrey Managing Director, came on the show stating he is very bullish on


(AAPL) - Get Report

. He sees the iPhone becoming a large contributor to revenue in the near future. But most importantly, he believes the iPhone is a strong catalyst for an increase business in Mac sales. He also felt the future outlook does not accurately portray the business the iPhone will truly bring and impact (through increase Mac sales) for Apple, seeing a lot of potential upside for the company.

Najarian agrees with Munster, saying "it's not just the phone but the Mac business that is going to contribute significantly to Apple's business."

Najarian said



"is up about $10 in the last month or so," but believes the company is already pricing in beating expectations tomorrow. He suggests you wait until after earnings before deciding to buy the company.

Adami says


(GLW) - Get Report

is the best of breed when it comes to LCD. He says the stock at its current levels is a buy.

Howard Levine, CEO of

Family Dollar


, was on the show. The company reported impressive quarterly results recently; the CEO stated the reason had to do with "continued strength in necessary goods consumers need on a daily basis." He also contributed the success to the stimulus checks.

However, after the interview, Najarian simply stated he doesn't see how Family Dollar can compete with Wal-Mart.

Final Trade:

Macke picks his favorite,

United States Oil ETF

(USO) - Get Report

Najarian picks


(CSCO) - Get Report


Finerman wants you to short

Big Lots

(BIG) - Get Report


Adami picks


(AA) - Get Report


This article was written by a staff member of TheStreet.com.