) -- The markets rose Monday as the outlook on Greece's debt crisis subsided a little.


Dow Jones Industrial Average

rose 76.02, or 0.63%, to 12, 080.38. The

S&P 500

added 6.86, or 0.54%, to 1278.36. The


gained 13.18, or 0.50%, to 2629.66.

Guy Adami said on


's "Fast Money" TV show that the market enjoyed a nice bounce today and that there might be little bottom at this level. He suggested going long with a stop at 1250, though he was pessimistic about the market's prospects longer term.

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3 Stocks I Saw on TV

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Tim Seymour noted the S&P is still up 22% since the end of August and only 6.5% off its high. He said he liked the valuation of the index at 12.6 times earnings.

Joe Terranova said the market is in a tough spot. He said nothing much is expected from


Chairman Ben Bernanke's press conference on Wednesday. He held out hope that third-quarter corporate earnings could be the catalyst for the market.

Terranova said he found it problematic that health care was leading the market higher.

Melissa Lee, the moderator of the show, said


(AAPL) - Get Report

was down 1.54% today and slipped below its 200-day moving average. Tim Seymour said Apple shares have been sliding because of the decline in the global economy.

Terranova said Apple may be technically weak but he saw nothing fundamentally wrong with the company. He said the company should see continued growth in revenues and the smartphone market and a spark from the arrival of Apple TV.

Dan Nathan said Apple will find it much more difficult to execute in the next five years with management defections, including the recent loss of its retail chief, and questions about Steve Jobs' health.

Guy Adami said Apple looks as if wants to breach the $315 level to the downside. He said the stock has displayed a discourging pattern of lower highs and lower lows.

Terranova questioned whether the global economy is on the decline. He said he bought some


(CAT) - Get Report

because he thinks China has been able to avoid a hard landing.

Lee noted that

Research In Motion

( RIMM) was down 7% on a downgrade. Adami said he saw more pain to the downside and no reason for investors to get in the stock.

With crude leveling off today and closing at $93.30 a barrel, Terranova said it's becoming increasingly clear that Brent crude is becoming the world bench mark for oil and the trade is in the refiners. Stephen Weiss agreed, saying he was sticking with names like


(COP) - Get Report



(DVN) - Get Report




, a favorite of Adami.

Lee brought in Dennis Gartman for his assessment of the Greece debt crisis. Garman said Greece is going to fail. He said the German public won't put up any longer with another bailout, and he questioned the wisdom of throwing another $100 billion at the problem with no confidence that it will be paid back.

According to Gartman, the best case scenario might be for Greece and other countries such as Spain, Portugal and Italy to revert to their own currencies and deal with their problems on their own.

He said the strong dollar is weighing on commodities. He said the only commodity trade that made sense was gold in non-U.S. dollar terms. He was cautious about the copper and base metal trades, the latter of which appears to be "tipping over."

Amelia Bordeau, of Westpac Institutional Bank, said Greece will muddle through the next three months and get an aid disbursement and some sort of second bailout package. She said her bias is to sell the euro on a rally, especially if there is a favorable confidence vote in Greece on Tuesday.

Weiss said he is hiding out in equities with big yields. He liked


(VZ) - Get Report

for its 5.5% yield and its plans to charge more for data. He also like

Nustar Energy LP

(NS) - Get Report


Lee noted a


story that John Paulson had just relinquished his stake in Sina-Forest, the Chinese timber company. She said the Chinese Internet names, including


(SINA) - Get Report

, have been hammered.

Shifting briefly to the retail sector, Karen Short, a food analyst with BMO Capital Markets, said

Whole Foods

( WFMI) has been doing well because it doesn't have any competition. He said the company has been able to pass on higher costs because its customers don't care about price hikes because they are committed to a certain life style.

Is the fear in the markets higher than the VIX is showing? Nicholas Colas, chief market strategist with Convergex, said the biggest spike in the volatility is in high-yield bonds, which have gone up from 6 to 11 in a month. He said he expects higher volatility to spread to the broader market during the summer.


reporter Jane Wells noted that rapper/DJ Lil Jon was plugging Noho, a company that produces a hangover defense.

Shifting to biotech, Dr. Mark Schoenebaum, of ISI Group, said he is still high on


(BIIB) - Get Report

even though it's up 100% in the past year.

He said the stock has more room to run as he expects its EPS to quadruple in the next six to eight years. He said Biogen's earnings are unparalleled for a large-cap pharmaceutical.

He said the company has six drugs in phase 3 clinical trials. He has a price target of $116 for the stock, which is now at $98.

In the final trades, Seymour liked

John Deere

(DE) - Get Report

. Adami liked

Walter Energy


. Nathan liked Biogen, and Terranova gave the nod to


(F) - Get Report


--Written by David Tong in San Francisco.

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