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'Fast Money' Recap: A Big Pullback?

The trading panel debated whether there will be a major pullback.
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) - The markets ended mixed Tuesday on renewed concerns about an economic recovery.


Dow Jones Industrial Average

fell 11.79, or 0.13%, to 9096.72, while the

S&P 500

lost 2.56, or 0.26%, to 979.62. The


rose 7.62, or 0.39%, to 1975.31.

Rick Santelli, the moderator for


's "Fast Money" TV show, said the market's been stalling at nine-month highs and asked the panel whether a correction is coming.

Guy Adami said a correction is "absolutely coming" after a gain of 100 S&P points in two weeks. "That's much too much. You have to be taking money off the table," he said.

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3 Stocks I Saw on TV

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Joe Terranova disagreed, saying the rally isn't going to end on a whimper. Rather, he said he expects much higher volume with another thrust up before the market goes lower.

Tim Seymour said he would be amazed to see a big pullback. At most, he said there might be a shallow pullback of about 5%. He said the market has been supported this week by some encouraging data points, including the new home sales numbers.

Karen Finerman said she was impressed with the strength of the market to rebound after being down double-digits.

Shifting to the discussion of the dollar and gold, Adami said he sees gold dropping further as the dollar gains strength. "Gold continues to have trouble at $950 and continues to be sold off at that level," he said.

Seymour said investors should take advantage of statements made by

US Steel

(X) - Get Report

that it doesn't see a rosy second half outlook to buy the stock. He said data showing rising capacity ultilization numbers in the steel sector leads him to believe it's an opportune time to buy US Steel.

Adami disagreed, saying the stock has already made a monster move. He said investors should wait for a pullback and pick up the stock at $35.

Shifting to the energy sector which saw the shares of major energy companies falling ahead of their earnings, Finerman said she expects the

Oil Service HOLDRS

(OIH) - Get Report

to pull back a little more, adding she wouldn't be a buyer of


(RIG) - Get Report

at this time.

Terranova pointed out that the energy sector is the last to recover in an economic recovery.

With respect to healthcare stocks, Terranova said he was impressed with


(AMGN) - Get Report


Teva Pharma

(TEVA) - Get Report

. Adami told viewers now's the time to pick up

Abbott Labs

(ABT) - Get Report

off a 50% correction at $45. He said Abbott's major drugs don't go off patent until 2017.

Finerman was flustered with Goldman Sach's decision to downgrade



from conviction sell to sell. She called the distinction "ridiculous."

Santelli asked Jon Najarian to comment on a

Wall Street Journal

story today which said that the Commodity Futures Trading Commission was about to issue a report blaming speculators for driving wild swings in oil prices. The story was later refuted during the show by the commission.

Najarian defended the role of the speculators, saying they can make and lose money and that any attempt to regulate them would cause supply and demand to get out of whack.

Seymour said removing the speculators would result in a loss of a lot of market liquidity. Finerman said any arbiter would have a difficult time determining how much X commodity could move Z percent. "That's ridiculous," she said.

Mark Frissora, CEO of Hertz Global, whose stock is up 12.3% this year, said advanced reservations have been improving in the past 15 weeks in the U.S. market where vacationers are traveling to leisure markets such as California and Florida. He also said reservations are up in Europe as well.

Shares of auto parts suppliers have surged despite the woes in the auto industry. David Silver, a Wall Street Strategies analyst, said he expects a little bit of pullback in these companies because he doesn't expect their second-quarter earnings will be as good as those in the first.

He said the government's cash for clunkers program will boost sales a little. However he said the economy is still weak for consumers to buy cars.

Top Chinese officials are in Washington D.C. to meet with the Obama administration about trade and other matters. Seymour said China should get kudos for a stimulus that focuses on domestic consumption and not on exports. He said the way to play is with

China Life Insurance

(LFC) - Get Report

and online game companies.

The panel was down on the rail sector. Terranova said he would away from the sector. Adami expected all the companies in the sector to pull back, and Seymour said rail rates are down and haven't recovered.

Santelli asked the panels of high frequence trading, which now accounts for 50% of the volume in the New York Stock Exchange. Such trading employs algorithms to make trades in milliseconds and profits from price shifts. Finerman said the move is just part of the evolution the stock market.

Adami said investors shouldn't get caught up in the debate. Instead, he said, they should focus on what they can control such as analyzing the fundamentals of a company.

Patty Edwards, founder of Storehouse Partners, appeared on the show. She said she sees a slight pullback to 950.

She said she would buy

Philip Morris

(PM) - Get Report


Molson Coors

(TAP) - Get Report

and get some protection from

SPDR Barclays Capital High Yield ETF

(JNK) - Get Report

for its 12.7 dividend yield and 60 percent correlation with the stock market.

In the final trades, Seymour advised selling


(VALE) - Get Report

while Adami said to get out of


(BWA) - Get Report

. Finerman said to buy puts on

Whole Foods


. Terranova said to take the shorts off of

Wells Fargo

(WFC) - Get Report


--Reported by David Tong in San Francisco.

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