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Jim Cramer Says It's Time to Face the Possibility That Things Can Go Right

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Being asked what keeps him up at night is keeping Cramer up at night - on the rare instances he decided a little sleep is necessary. Cramer took to Real Money Monday to urge investors to stop fixating on the negative and look to all the tailwinds currently circulating Wall Street.

"What if we change the paradigm and talk about what's going to go right, or what are the risks to the upside? I see this in research sometimes when an analyst downgrades a stock and then lists what could go wrong with the forecast," Cramer wrote.

Among the positives, Cramer listed a strong earnings season, money on the sidelines, stimulus, "meme" stocks and much more. 

Cramer recently told Action Alerts PLUS senior analyst Jeff Marks that it's time to stop thinking about why stocks could go down and start thinking about why you're investing in the first place. 

"We got to start thinking about why we should stay in, not why we should get out,"  Cramer said. 

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