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Jim Cramer Wants You to Stop Worrying About Election Results

As polls begin to close, Jim Cramer is here to remind you that no matter the result, markets will move on.

It's Nov. 3, 2020. And that means that it's Election Day 2020. 

And the polls are just beginning to close. 

Continuing Monday's surge higher in the markets, all indices finished higher with the Dow closing up over 550 points. 

Jim Cramer said the move higher had everything to do with an anticipated election result. It's a rally that's based on the fact that we're going to get a resolution to this evening. Now that doesn't mean that things are right. If you go back to 2016....Could it be wrong again. Absolutely," Cramer said. 

Many polls lean in favor of Democratic challenger Joe Biden will defeat President Donald Trump in Tuesday's election. But regardless of the outcome, Wall Street is focused on a clear winner and an uncontested result. 

Cramer said that he was be looking to do some selling, but nothing aggressively. "We'll [markets] go down no matter who is elected, and then we'll bounce and you got to buy again when we get down," Cramer advised. 

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A Biden win could mean the U.S. enacts a stimulus package for an economy struggling through the coronavirus pandemic. House Democrats and the White House have failed to approve a new relief package despite months of negotiations.

"What do the scientists say about the best way to stop the pandemic? I ask that because if Joe Biden wins the presidency he is going to go to them, to the best of the best and almost uniformly they say three things: a national mask mandate, more testing, and the closure of bars and restaurants," Jim Cramer wrote in a Real Money column on Monday, Nov. 2. 

"Right now to listen to the president is to believe that we will have a European style lockdown if Biden is elected, which is essentially what we had last March. No one is seriously considering that here as it is regarded as a complete failure that wiped out too many small businesses. It's odd that such a verdict keeps coming up as all top scientists just want to enforce what's going on now," he continued. 

Read more on the stocks that Cramer is watching if there are a modified shutdown and his thoughts on a Trump victory and a Biden victory. 

But most importantly, Cramer would like to remind you to keep things in perspective when it comes to Wall Street, as markets will roll on no matter who sits in the Oval Office.  "The government does not do a lot to affect stocks. People who are really worried and nervous, Stop it," Cramer said. 

Daniel Kuhn contributed reporting to this article. 

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