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"Today my mission is to find you a newer, cheaper, better way to play the


Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge," Jim Cramer told viewers of his "Mad Money" TV show Friday.

Golden Star Resources

(GSS) - Get Report

, he said, is his "new favorite way" to play the stock-picking game.

Golden Star is a $4.46 stock for which Cramer urged people to use limit orders if they decide to buy it. The gold-mining company operates in West Africa and South America, and for that reason it's quite speculative, he said. However, Golden Star also has a big mine in Ghana, "an island of stability," making it slightly less speculative.

Also in Ghana, Golden Star is building a new sulfide-processing plant, which analysts are worried about, Cramer said. The skeptics are standing in the wings, giving market players an opportunity to buy.

Cramer said he's speculating that Golden Star's management might announce the opening of its new plant sooner than expected, which in turn should cause analysts to revise their estimates. "As revisions go up, the numbers should go up as well," Cramer said. The plant, he believes, should double Golden Star's gold production and decrease its costs.

The gold miner reports its quarterly results on May 10, just before the


stock-picking game is set to end, Cramer said. A solid quarterly report should push Golden Star's stock price higher.

But whether or not people are playing the game, Cramer believes Golden Star is a good takeover target. Plus, because Golden Star is a gold miner, gold prices are moving the stock up, as well.

However, Cramer warned investors to think about the risks before buying Golden Star as it is a very speculative stock. He said he's not telling people to swap out of

Yamana Gold

(AUY) - Get Report

, but for the love of the game or a real profit, they should consider buying Golden Star.

Laser Tag: Cynosure

"On 'Mad Money' we love lasers ... because they're sexy, speculative and they make people money fast, which is perfect for Speculation Friday," Cramer told viewers.


last Friday's show, Cramer recommended people buy



, which has since landed a U.S. military contract and moved 17% higher.

Looking back, Cramer said he has changed his favorite laser stock many times. Lately he has been going back and forth on

Palomar Medical Technologies

( PMTI) and

Syneron Medical


The last time he talked about laser cosmetics stocks, Cramer said he crowned Syneron "the czar of lasers." Now



has the throne, at least until something else comes along that's better in the "unpredictable" laser industry, he said. For now, Cynosure is Cramer's best-of-breed laser play.

Since he advised buying Syneron, the stock hasn't done anything. Meanwhile, Cynosure has doubled, he said.

"In order to be the laser king you need momentum," Cramer said. Cynosure has 30% growth and is "Mr. Mojo Rising." Plus, it has room to improve, something a laser king needs, and it's levered to the rest of the world, he said.

Moreover, Cynosure's estimates have gone up. Cramer said he would rather take "a performer that's pricey rather than an underperformer that's cheap."

He named Palomar his No. 2 laser stock, but pointed out that it is more expensive than Cynosure. Cramer said he would stand behind Syneron too, but he doesn't see it making any mad money anytime soon.

Cramer's Game Plan

During the show's "Game Plan" segment, during which Cramer offers his ideas for the coming week, he advised viewers to keep an eye on the infrastructure plays.


(FLR) - Get Report


McDermott International

(MDR) - Get Report


Foster Wheeler


are three "terrific" infrastructure plays that report next week, he said. With oil prices high, these are stocks people should consider.

He suggested market players buy half their positions of Fluor, McDermott or Foster Wheeler before they report their respective quarters and then buy the other half after the companies report. "Be prepared to buy on any weakness," Cramer said.

On Tuesday,


(CVS) - Get Report

reports. This is a company that "has vaulted itself even further into the health care heaven" because it bought Caremark on the cheap, he said, advising people to get into CVS ahead of when it reports.

Cramer said he likes



, which also reports Tuesday, on earnings.

Because of the fact that


(NBR) - Get Report



(HAL) - Get Report

, which he owns for his charitable trust,

Action Alerts PLUS, have been hinting at their respective expansions, Cramer suggested viewers consider picking up

Parker Drilling

(PKD) - Get Report

. Parker, which reports Tuesday, could be acquired by either of the companies, Cramer speculated.

Jumping back to Monday, Cramer advised investors to also get into

Forest Oil


before it reports after the market close.

Image placeholder title

For Wednesday, Cramer recommended people look at and consider getting into

L-1 Identity Solutions

( ID),

Precision Castparts



Six Flags

(SIX) - Get Report


And finally, he told market players to get into


( BRLC) before it reports after the market close Thursday, because as it is clear the LCD TV sector is doing well.

Tool Time With Black & Decker

Cramer welcomed

Black & Decker

( BDK) CEO Nolan Archibald and asked him how his company was able to report such a great quarter.

Archibald said he believes Black & Decker reported good numbers because it's got "great brands and innovative products," both of which sell well in down markets. He said that although the company has been cautious given the economy, Black & Decker is doing "fairy well."

When Cramer asked the chief executive specifically which products he was talking about, Archibald said the company has introduced a bunch of new Dewalt brand products all the way from a concrete breaker, to a new line of hammers and generators.

Archibald also commented that Black & Decker plans to continue buying back its shares. "We think it's a great buy," he said.

Cramer called the stock "the real deal" and said it is headed right through $100. Black & Decker closed at $92.36 Friday.

Lightning Round

Cramer was bullish on


(ICE) - Get Report


Chicago Mercantile Exchange

(CME) - Get Report


CBOT Holdings

( BOT),


(CIEN) - Get Report



( TLAB),


(PGR) - Get Report



(PRU) - Get Report



(MET) - Get Report


United Online






American Capital



Public Service Enterprise

(PEG) - Get Report



(EXC) - Get Report


Duke Energy

(DUK) - Get Report


Consolidated Edison

(ED) - Get Report


Energy Metals

( EMU),


(HPQ) - Get Report


Bank of New York

(BK) - Get Report



(AMGN) - Get Report


Cramer was bearish on

IPG Photonics

(IPGP) - Get Report


FoxHollow Technologies

( FOXH) and




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At the time of publication, Cramer was long Halliburton, Hewlett-Packard and Sears Holdings.

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