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It's time to back up the truck on


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, Jim Cramer told his "Mad Money" viewers Friday night. The company makes equipment for the construction, infrastructure, transportation and maintenance industries. And with a highway bill on the way, Cramer thinks it makes a lot of sense to buy the stock.

The company has a hand in many areas, Cramer said. Terex makes mining equipment. Terex makes trucks to move shale for oil exploration. TEX makes hydraulic construction lifts for homebuilding. Terex makes machinery used to repave and reclaim roads.

But listen,


(CAT) - Get Report

sells at 13 times next year's earnings. Terex could be selling at eight times next year's earnings. Why is Terex so cheap? Because the company still hasn't filed its financials. And the company is restating as well. That has everyone nervous, Cramer said. Terex will deliver its financials on Aug. 4, and Cramer believes that the company will put everyone's fears to rest. Indeed, "if there was a real accounting issue," Cramer said, "I would not even mess with this."

How about the fact that the stock was up $3.57 on Friday? "Sometimes you have to buy high and sell higher," Cramer said. Caterpillar is a Lexus, Cramer said. And Terex is a Toyota. "But what the heck," Cramer continued, "Toyota makes a lot of money, too.

As a result, Cramer made Terex his pick of the week - for next week.

Whoa Whole Foods

Doing a little housecleaning, Cramer discussed

Whole Foods Market's

( WFMI) blowout third-quarter results, which the company delivered on Thursday night. The stock tacked on $14 and change Friday. That price increase was mostly a correction, Cramer pointed out.

More to the point, Cramer said it was really an incorrection -- by the analysts who wrongly downgraded the stock prior to Thursday's earnings results. On Thursday night, Whole Foods' superb earnings corrected all of the analysts, Cramer continued. As a result of Whole Foods' blowout earnings, Cramer now believes analysts will likely upgrade the stock.

Still, if you sold on the downgrades, you missed a big run, Cramer said. "You can't take advice from analysts," he said. Fact is, if you listened to the analysts, you missed out on $11 to $30 of upside, depending on which analyst you listened to.

The takeaway? Don't run with the herd. Analysts say what everyone else is saying. And you can't beat the market if you are the market, Cramer said. Everyone else follows the analysts; don't follow the herd and don't follow the analysts.

Though the stock had a big run on Friday, Cramer thinks the Whole Foods still has a lot more upside.

Lowe Your Boat

A caller wanted to know how hurricanes affect the construction-equipment stocks. Which companies benefit from these kinds of disasters? Cramer said that if you want to play the hurricanes and the reconstruction that takes place afterward, you should buy


(LOW) - Get Report


On the Best Buy Side

A good example of not following the herd is

Best Buy

(BBY) - Get Report

and the downgrade it received from Raymond James on Friday. Cramer urged viewers to buy Best Buy on the downgrade. Don't wait for upgrades from analysts, Cramer said. Cramer said that he's your upgrade, which means it is time to snap up shares of Best Buy, he said.

Allscripts Notes

Cramer also discussed

Allscripts Healthcare Solutions

(MDRX) - Get Report

, a leading provider of clinical software. Cramer said he continues to hear negative comments about the company, which makes him even more interested in Allscripts. All that negativity makes Cramer think that there is still a whole crop of investors who could still buy into the stock. Specifically, he keeps hearing that a raft of competition will encircle the company.

Namely he hears that

General Electric

(GE) - Get Report


Quality Systems


and even the U.S. government will eventually pull Allscripts down. Cramer said that GE goes after the bigger physician networks. Allscripts, on the hand, caters to the smaller physician networks. Quality Systems, meanwhile, will show up in the midtier deals, which involved 15 to 100 doctors. But the market is underpenetrated, Cramer said. And these companies are not beating each other up.

Allscripts also has a relationship with IDX Systems, a network of 140,000 physicians. And only about 5% of the physicians in the network are using Allscripts. That means, Cramer said, that there are still a lot of doctors who could use Allscripts in the future. Bottom line? Allscripts is the play in electronic health records, Cramer said. As a result, Cramer said he think it's time to do a "c'mon back up the truck."

'The Lightning Round'


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Cramer was bullish on:


(REV) - Get Report


Chico's FAS

(CHS) - Get Report



( TUNE),

Denbury Resources

(DNR) - Get Report


Energy Conversion Devices

( ENER),

Oil States International

(OIS) - Get Report


Guitar Center

( GTRC),

Occidental Petroleum

(OXY) - Get Report



(CIB) - Get Report


Jones Lang

(JLL) - Get Report

, and

Arris Group

(ARRS) - Get Report



Cramer was bearish on:

Six Flags

( PKS),

Winnebago Industries

(WGO) - Get Report



( GTW),




American Capital Strategies



Companhia Vale do Rio Doce

(RIO) - Get Report





First Bancorp

(FBP) - Get Report


First Data

(FDC) - Get Report


Sunstone Hotel Investors

(SHO) - Get Report


Calgon Carbon

(CCC) - Get Report

, and

Constellation Energy

( CEG).

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