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With six months left this year, Jim Cramer sees the

Dow Jones

rising another 1,000 points to 14,548 by year-end, he told viewers of his "Mad Money" TV show Friday.

He said he doesn't randomly pick this number out of a hat but instead

performs a full bottom-up analysis of the 30 stocks in the Dow. Last year, the Dow closed at 12,463, just 7 points below Cramer's target of 12,470.

On the final installment of his Dow Jones rundown, Cramer started with


(PFE) - Get Pfizer Inc. Report

, a stock he said has been "stuck in the mud" as of late.

"Owning it is like owning a bond, with a tad more upside," he said, adding that the recent management changes have done little to excite him.

Moving on,

Procter & Gamble

(PG) - Get Procter & Gamble Company Report

, Cramer said, could give people a couple of points gain, but not much else.

At beginning of the year, he said, he thought this stock could trade at $67 because of organic growth and the weak dollar, but that was too bullish.

On the other hand, Cramer said, he started the year being bearish on

United Technologies


, a "great" stock. "That was wrong," he said.

United Technologies has a big international presence, and all of its divisions are in "hyper-drive," which makes this one a triple buy, Cramer said. "It should be able to go to $73 without a problem."


(VZ) - Get Verizon Communications Inc. Report

is another Dow stock in which Cramer didn't see the upside coming, he said. He didn't know FiOS (a fiber-optic technology) would be so strong, and he also underestimated Verizon's wireless play.

Although the stock is up 14% for the year already, with its yield and steady growth, Cramer said he anticipates this one should go a couple of points higher.

Further, he said he doesn't see


(WMT) - Get Walmart Inc. Report

"exploding" as long as CEO Lee Scott stays at the helm. Cramer gave a target of $52 for the stock.

Even though he said he likes

Walt Disney

(DIS) - Get Walt Disney Company Report

, he believes that the company's theme parks are a liability with high gas prices.

And though its

Pirates of Caribbean

movie should be a hit, this has already been priced into the stock, Cramer said.

Image placeholder title

Speculate, Darling


(DAR) - Get Darling Ingredients Inc. Report

is "as speculative as it gets" and is "a perfect name to discuss on Speculation Friday," Cramer told viewers. This way, people have three full days to do their homework on the stock, he said.

Darling is a "little speculative name" that operates in two segments. One division converts animal by-products into oil and proteins, and the other segment is in the restaurant service business.

Although Darling may seem "unglamorous," its stock has been "en fuego," Cramer said.

The momentum could continue here, but there's bound to be a selloff, he said. If people want to buy Darling, they should wait for this selloff, Cramer stressed.

Only three analysts cover it, and it shouldn't top off until it gets more coverage, he said. Darling has been benefiting from higher commodity prices, which should continue. But longer-term, Cramer believes it could move into the renewable fuel space, which could send it "through the roof," he said.


(TSN) - Get Tyson Foods, Inc. Class A Report

just announced a partnership with


(COP) - Get ConocoPhillips Report

to produce renewable diesel, Cramer explained.

Darling, as the second-largest producer of animal fat behind Tyson, could do something similar and move into the biodiesel market, a sector that has had a lot of growth, he said.

However, Cramer believes that investors should wait until Darling reports its second quarter to buy, because chances are it will disappoint, Cramer said. This, in turn, should lead to a selloff.

"If you like Darling, wait until it gets pummeled before you put on a position," he said.

Game Plan

In today's "Game Plan" segment, Cramer said he's staying away from the tech names. Instead, he said, the "greener pastures" should be in retail. "We're banking on

Polo Ralph Lauren

(RL) - Get Ralph Lauren Corporation Class A Report



TheStreet Recommends

(COST) - Get Costco Wholesale Corporation Report




." Cramer owns Sears for his charitable trust,

Action Alerts PLUS.

Last quarter, Ralph Lauren reported a "gorgeous" number, but investors sold shares off because during its conference call, the company seemingly had shaded down guidance, Cramer said. And even though this was false, the stock got "creamed."

What was perceived as a negative -- spending money on growing the business -- was actually a positive, he said. This time, market players should put in half of their position before Polo reports and put in another half after it reports -- if it gets crushed, Cramer advised.

Costco has been a consistent "delivery machine," but it's misunderstood, he said. Because Cramer believes that the misinterpretation will reoccur here, he's recommending that people put in their position after the company reports.

In the matter of Sears, Cramer said the company preannounced bad earnings, but they turned out not to be worse than its competitors, Cramer said.

If Sears gets clocked, then buy it, Cramer said. Otherwise wait, because someone is always trying to manipulate this name down, which will create many buying opportunities for the stock, he said.

Hyper Kinetics

Catherine Burzik,

Kinetic Concepts'

( KCI) president and CEO, joined Cramer on his show and said that people should not be worried about new competitor Smith & Nephew entering the market.

The company, through its acquisition of BlueSky Medical Group, recently entered the negative pressure wound therapy market.

"I'm not sure the analysts and the Street understand the market we are in here," she said. "This is a really large market ... and it is significantly unpenetrated. There's a really large opportunity."

Even if Smith & Nephew comes in, there is enough business to be done, Burzik added. Plus, as Americans get "fatter by the day," Kinetic's therapeutic services business segment plays into this unfortunate secular trend, she said.

Cramer called the stock a triple buy.

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Lightning Round

Cramer was bullish on

NovaStar Financial

( NFI),

Marriott International

(MAR) - Get Marriott International, Inc. (MAR) Report


Qwest Communications



General Maritime



Nastech Pharmaceutical

( NSTK),





(DE) - Get Deere & Company Report


Cramer was bearish on


(HOG) - Get Harley-Davidson, Inc. (HOG) Report



(DRYS) - Get DryShips Inc. Report



(MOS) - Get Mosaic Company (MOS) Report


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