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Jim Cramer told "Mad Money" viewers on Tuesday night that laser stocks are in play. The guys who get rid of the wrinkles are on fire, he said. As Cramer has said before, health care is the place to be for the next six months. The laser companies will be part of that move as well, Cramer said.

The technology, which went through fits and starts during the 1990s, now works. We now have lasers, Cramer said, that will make you look pretty. Indeed, laser technology has improved dramatically, and "lasers could make you rich," he said.

Before discussing which laser stocks investors should own, Cramer said that investors do not want to put these stocks into their retirement portfolios. Only discretionary funds should be used -- with no more than 20% of your portfolio holding these kinds of stocks.

With that out of the way, Cramer said that


( CLZR) has 24% of the market. What's more, it has great sequential growth.


(CUTR) - Get Cutera, Inc. Report

, which posted better-than-expected second-quarter earnings late Monday and raised its full-year guidance, is another laser play.


( LSCP) is yet another.

Syneron Qua Non

But the best laser stock to own, said Cramer, is

Syneron Medical


. The company, which reports earnings on Thursday, may not have as much of the market as Candela does, but it still has 14% of the market. And it may not have the sequential growth that Candela has, but Syneron does something that the rest don't. It does cellulite.

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The rest of the players are in the dermatological market. Syneron, on the other hand, smoothes away cellulite. Syneron does skin treatment as well, but it's the only company doing cellulite. What's more, another reason that Syneron will do well is that people who are in noncore markets -- general practitioners, for example -- are buying its devices. The general practitioners are making good margins by using the devices.

Cramer said investors should buy the stock ahead of its quarterly earnings release on Thursday.

Oil Sands Plays

Cramer asked investors if they knew where the second-largest oil reserve in the world is. It's in Alberta, Canada, Cramer said. But people rarely talk about Canadian oil because it's trapped.


Kinder Morgan's

(KMI) - Get Kinder Morgan Inc Class P Report

$3.1 billion purchase of British Columbia-based


, an oil sands play, tells Cramer that the oil sands business is now profitable. The acquisition, Cramer said, tells him that the companies trying to tap into Canadian oil sands will continue to move higher. It also tells Cramer that companies with exposure to oil sands are undervalued.

Cramer points to French company


(TOT) - Get Total SA Report

, which launched a $1.1 billion bid for

Deer Creek Energy

on Tuesday, as more proof that oil sand plays are for real. Deer Creek, an oil sands play, had climbed almost 95% prior to Total's bid. Deer Creek climbed another 39% on Tuesday.

So who is going to benefit from this pin action in Kinder, which ended Tuesday up more than $6, and Total? Cramer said that investors should be looking at

Suncor Energy

(SU) - Get Suncor Energy Inc. Report

, which is a pure play that gets all of its oil from tar oil.

Investors should also be buying

Canadian Natural Resources

(CNQ) - Get Canadian Natural Resources Limited Report

, which will move higher once it gets its Horizon oil sands project up and running. Investors should be in that one before the project is fully operational, though -- if they want to make money.

Cramer said that investors should be looking at

Husky Energy

, a Canadian company, which could be spinning off its oil sands assets soon.

Cramer also said that


( PCZ), which trades at 19 times earnings, is another name that investors should be looking at.


(ECA) - Get Encana Corporation Report

, which trades at 17 times earnings, is the most undervalued stock in the group, Cramer said. And it will go higher. Indeed, Cramer called EnCana the cheapest and best play of the lot.

Sirius Takes a Breather

Moving on, Cramer said that "stocks do rest. Stocks do get tired at times." And they do get well, too.

Cramer pointed to

Sirius Satellite Radio

(SIRI) - Get Sirius XM Holdings, Inc. Report

as an example. The stock has had a monster run, climbing 70% during the past several months. Now it's resting, Cramer said. When Sirius reported a good quarter, the stock sold off. That's rational.

Smart investors, Cramer said, anticipated the move -- and got long at much lower levels. It's only natural that they sold the stock and locked in gains. That's why the stock sold off Tuesday when Sirius reported better-than-expected second-quarter results. In fact, it would have been downright hoggish to not sell the stock after such a big move, Cramer pointed out.

Cramer said that the action in Sirius should serve as a reminder that stocks move in anticipation of good news. Stocks don't just sit still for three months and then move when a company reports good news. No. Stocks always anticipate good news -- at least three to six month out.

The bottom line is that investors, Cramer said, need to learn to anticipate when investing in the stock market.

'The Lightning Round'


Cramer was bullish on:

Marriott International

(MAR) - Get Marriott International, Inc. Class A Report


Altria Group

(MO) - Get Altria Group Inc Report








Sears Holdings




(OLN) - Get Olin Corporation Report



(PCG) - Get PG&E Corporation Report



(TDW) - Get Tidewater Inc Report



(GRMN) - Get Garmin Ltd. Report


PNM Resources

(PNM) - Get PNM Resources, Inc. Report



( DPL),

United Surgical




(KMT) - Get Kennametal Inc. Report



(SLB) - Get Schlumberger NV Report



( FON),


(DE) - Get Deere & Company Report



(OKE) - Get ONEOK, Inc. Report


Wm. Wrigley

( WWY).


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Cramer was bearish on:

United Microelectronics

(UMC) - Get United Microelectronics Corp. Report


Thor Industries

(THO) - Get Thor Industries, Inc. Report



(SKX) - Get Skechers U.S.A., Inc. Class A Report


Nam Tai Electronics







(DELL) - Get Dell Technologies Inc Class C Report



(SPRT) - Get, Inc. Report


Network Appliance

(NTAP) - Get NetApp, Inc. Report


Enterprise Products Partners

(EPD) - Get Enterprise Products Partners L.P. Report





At the time of publication, Cramer was long Altria, EnCana, Sears Holdings and Yahoo!.

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