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) -- Jim Cramer offered his prescription on his

"Mad Money"

TV show Monday on what it would take to get the market to rally.

He offered up a wish list with 10 open-ended issues that need to be resolved before the markets can rally higher. He said until at least some of these issues are resolved, investors need to let stock prices come down and wait for lower levels.

Cramer's wish list of items needing resolutions included:

1. Greece needs to default already. Cramer said default is inevitable, adding Greece needs to take the hard medicine and get it over with already. "We will all survive," he added, "let's move on."

2. Our government needs to raise margin requirements. Cramer said increasing margins would flush out the speculators and send oil to $85 a barrel and gas to just $3.25 a gallon. "How's that for recharging the nation?"

3. China needs to focus on their slowdown. Cramer said the Chinese need to realize that inflation isn't as important as what a slowdown does to the global economy.

4. The U.S. government needs to refinance its debt. Cramer said Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner needs to take advantage of low long-term rates and refinance the U.S. debt. Yes, it will cost $200 billion, he said, but it will save the country from a debt crisis of our own.

5. Switch to natural gas. Cramer said the U.S. needs to use its glut of natural gas to convert trucks off diesel and cut off OPEC once and for all.

6. The markets needs to get back on track. Stocks need to just sell off and find their bottoms so we can focus on earnings and growth again, he said.

7. The SEC needs to investigate underwriting. Cramer said the underwriters who brought



public need a strong warning that another bubble will not be tolerated.

8. People need to stop trashing Ben Bernanke. Cramer said the

Federal Reserve

chairman is the best one of our lifetime, and people need to start acknowledging that.

9. Triple-digit stocks need to split. Cramer said stock splits create no value, but they do make stocks more stable, less prone to short-selling and more accessible to the masses.

10. President Obama needs to force Congress to raise the debt ceiling. Cramer said he needs to force Congress to stay with no recess until the job has been completed.

The markets may not get resolutions to all of these items presently weighing on them, said Cramer, but even just a few answers would go a long way.

More than Botox

Kicking off his "Healthy Week" series of defensive health care stocks that can rev up your portfolio, Cramer once again spoke with David Pyott, chairman, president and CEO of


(AGN) - Get Free Report

, a stock that's up 109% since Cramer recommended it on Feb. 4, 2009.

Cramer said Allergan may best be known for Botox and breast implants, but the company also has a thriving eye care and medical device business bringing a lot of growth and opportunity to the company.

Pyott said that in eye care, the company's Restatis drug for dry eye is doing very well, and Allergan is also working on other drugs for retinal diseases. He said that Botox remains an important part of the company, but some $700 million in revenue is now coming in for therapeutic uses for Botox, such as for migraines, and the company is also working on using it for overactive bladder, a huge market.

Once dark spot for the company has been its Lap Band device to control obesity. Pyott said the product's technology and FDA approvals are there, the company just needs to do a better job selling the product and more importantly, getting insurance companies to pay for the device which can help so many ailments, from heart disease to diabetes.

Cramer said Allergan remains one of his favorite medical companies.

Housing Mess

"Let's assume there's no housing recovery this year," Cramer pondered. He said with 3 million bank-owned homes, 4 million government-owned homes and possibly another 10 million homes underwater, that leaves potentially 17 million homeowners that could stop paying on their mortgages at any time.

That explains why a chart comparing

Bank on America

(BAC) - Get Free Report

, a mortgage lender, looks awful when compared to


(COF) - Get Free Report

, a credit card company. Cramer said it simply makes more sense to pay off your credit cards than it does your mortgage.

Making matters worse, Cramer said our current regulatory environment allows foreclosed homeowners to stay in their properties, without making any payments at all, for up to a year, or longer. He said the system almost incentivized homeowners not to pay.

Cramer said this rare and tragic turn of event does have a silver lining however, and thats for the retailers like

Family Dollar



Dollar Tree

(DLTR) - Get Free Report

, along with others like


(COST) - Get Free Report



(M) - Get Free Report

. Cramer said all of these retailers are profiting from consumers that now have more money to spend thanks to lower credit card bills and no mortgage to pay.

It's sad, but its happening.

Targeting Time Management

In the "Executive Decision" segment, Cramer spoke with Moshe Benbassat, chairman and CEO of

ClickSoftware Technologies


, a small speculative software company that helps service companies manage their people in the field through better scheduling and time management.

Benbassat said ClickSoftware got its start with the Israeli air force, helping to schedule flights, planes and pilots and grew from there. He said today, ClickSoftware's platform analyzes each service appointment for a company and determines the exact travel time needed for each one, all in real time. Benbassat said with their technology, the cable guy always arrives on time.

When asked about competition, Benbassat said that ClickSoftware's advantage is solid mathematical performance that can handle large volumes of data in real time. He said in the government sector, for instance, security guards can be assigned to the proper gates to handle passengers as flight schedules are constantly changing.

Benbassat said companies that try ClickSoftware's technology find they spend 20% less on travel and get a 25% boost in productivity, which is how the company gains most of its customers.

When asked about how tablet computing changes the game, Benbassat said that technicians have had smartphones and GPS for awhile now, but with tablets, managers and supervisors can also get in the field, and respond to situations in real-time.

Cramer said ClickSoftware is a great "junior growth" company worth keeping an eye on. He said investors should do their homework and wait for a good price to buy in.

Lightning Round

Cramer was bullish on

Sprint Nextel

(S) - Get Free Report


Hyperdynamics Corp.




(SFLY) - Get Free Report


No Huddle Offense

Cramer said the announcement that

Cheniere Energy

(CQP) - Get Free Report

is building a terminal to begin exporting natural gas is the most embarrassing evidence yet that our country has no energy policy, or common sense.

Rather than use our own domestic natural gas for trucks and 18-wheelers, America has instead chosen to export our most precious natural resource in favor of importing foreign oil from hostile countries. Cramer said Congress refuses to pass the natural gas act offering incentives for truckers to convert their fuels and the White House is focused only on electric vehicles that are impractical for so many.

Cramer said the U.S. should end the subsidy for ethanol and instead use that money for natural gas. "Burn fuel, not food," he said.

--Written by Scott Rutt in Washington, D.C.

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