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Jim Cramer's stock of the week is

Pike Electric

( PEC), he said Monday on his "Mad Money" TV show.

Pike, a utility service company, can be played both as a trade and as an investment, Cramer said. The trade would be to buy Pike now and sell it as soon as the company either revises earnings estimates upward or announces earnings, whichever comes first. Pike is doing most of the repair work to electricity transmission lines wiped out by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, said Cramer, and the company should have excellent earnings and good visibility.

Pike also makes sense as a long-term investment because the company is expanding across the country and is expected to grow at 10% for the next couple of years. The company is the "best of breed," lowest-cost operator in the utility transmission and distribution outsourcing market, and the stock trades at a discount to peers




Quanta Services


, said Cramer.

Pike came public in July around $14. As of Monday's closing price of $17.75, Cramer doesn't believe the stock has peaked. However, Cramer would recommend using limit orders to purchase the stock as it is thinly traded.

Commenting on natural gas plays



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TheStreet Recommends


Chesapeake Energy


, Cramer said Chesapeake is cheaper than EnCana and that Chesapeake's business is "smokin'." The company's operations were "barely touched by the hurricane."

Cramer also said he also likes the building materials stocks but that Greenspan has "cast a pall" on them by continuing to raise interest rates and with recent comments about a housing bubble. That said, Cramer likes

Vulcan Materials


, which is "best of breed," he said.

JDSU Ballyhoo

Cramer is giving



a "triple buy" because of its proposed reverse stock split and improved business outlook. Most of the time, said Cramer, a reverse stock split is purely cosmetic and is a sign a company is trying to hide something. However, in JDSU's case, the share count is "ridiculous," said Cramer, and a reverse stock split will allow the company to more easily show meaningful earnings growth.

Additionally, said Cramer, CEO, Kevin Kennedy has turned the company around just in time for a "world-wide pickup in carrier spending." Kennedy has done all the things Cramer wanted him to do, he said, so it's time for Cramer to get positive on the stock, he said.

Cramer thinks JDSU's stock can go to $2.50, presplit. JDSU ended the regular session Monday at $2.01.

Hain Expects Growth Gains

Hain Celestial Group


CEO Irwin Simon joined Cramer by telephone on the show. Cramer asked Simon where he expected growth in his company.

Growth is going to come from snacks, drinks and the company's new free-range chicken products, he said.

Cramer wanted to know when Hain's stock would trade at a multiple more comparable to

Whole Foods Market

( WFMI) and

Wild Oats Markets

( OATS).

Simon said his company owned some of the best brands in the natural foods industry and that eventually investors will realize that.

Cramer summed up the interview saying, "This is the cheap natural food play. ... I like this stock. Wish I owned it myself."

Lightning Round


Cramer was bullish on





( MOT),

Pioneer Drilling

( PDC),

Allscripts Healthcare Solutions






Shanda Interactive Entertainment

( SNDA),

Powerwave Technologies




( ILSE),




T. Rowe Price Group









TreeHouse Foods



Global Signal



NGAS Resources

( NGAS),

Foster Wheeler















Best Buy




Cramer was bearish on




















( ANDW),

Click Commerce

( CKCM),


( BVF),








( SLR),







TOP Tankers

( TOPT) and


( AVCT).

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