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Cramer's Mad Money Recap: Tesla, Ford, Meta, Microsoft

Investors can follow the big money managers as they buy these stocks on the dips, riding toward a happy holiday season.
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Now that we've finally reached the promised land of November, it's time to double down on the "anointed" stocks, Jim Cramer told his Mad Money viewers Monday. Anointed stocks are those the big money managers will be buying on the dips, and they all need to be on your shopping list.

The first big theme is electric vehicles. Tesla  (TSLA) - Get Free Report shot up another 8.4% Monday, but they're not the only game in town. On Semiconductor  (ON) - Get Free Report rose 14.4%, and Cramer was also a fan of Ford  (F) - Get Free Report NXP Semiconductor  (NXPI) - Get Free Report and the upcoming Rivian IPO.

The next big theme in money managers' minds is the environment. That's why shares of Plug Power  (PLUG) - Get Free Report soared 8.8%. Cramer also recommended Enphase Energy  (ENPH) - Get Free Report.

The third big theme, the metaverse. That means investing in stocks like Meta  (FB) - Get Free Report, along with Nvidia  (NVDA) - Get Free Report and Unity Software  (U) - Get Free Report.

Then there's the cloud, where stocks like Advanced Micro Devices  (AMD) - Get Free Report, Nvidia, Microsoft  (MSFT) - Get Free Report, Adobe  (ADBE) - Get Free Report and Snowflake  (SNOW) - Get Free Report should be on your shopping list.

Cramer called out the bull market in energy as his final anointed theme. That means investing in Chevron  (CVX) - Get Free Report, Pioneer Natural Resources  (PXD) - Get Free Report and Devon Energy  (DVN) - Get Free Report.

All of these will be winners throughout the rest of the year, Cramer proclaimed. The big money managers and hedge funds will be buying, and you should be, too.

Executive Decision: GXO Logistics

In his first "Executive Decision" segment, Cramer spoke with Malcolm Wilson, CEO of GXO Logistics  (GXO) - Get Free Report, the warehouse and logistics company that just delivered a five-cents-a-share earnings beat and raised its full-year outlook. Shares of GXO, which was recently spun off from its parent XPO Logistics  (XPO) - Get Free Report, are up 56% over the past three months.

Wilson said business remains strong at GXO and his company is hard at work, delivering reliable services to their customers ahead of the peak shopping season. GXO signed $1 billion worth of new business this quarter and almost $4 billion so far this year. With the average term of their contracts being five years, Wilson said GXO has excellent visibility into the future.

GXO is in growth mode. The company is currently adding 10,000 new employees to its team and is pairing that with tons of automation and robotics at its facilities for maximum efficiency.

The trend in logistics today is to place products close to your end customers, and that's exactly what GXO allows customers to do. The company is building 75 new warehouse facilities in major markets, so customers can offer same-day and next-day delivery on more products.

Cramer said every time you hear about supply chain issues, think about how companies like GXO are profiting from it.

Trade Talks With the EU

In a special interview, Cramer checked in with Gina Raimondo, the U.S. Secretary of Commerce, for an update on trade negotiations with the European Union.

Raimondo said the U.S. is making great progress with our trading partners in Europe and will be removing increased steel tariffs that were set to begin next month. In return, the EU is removing tariffs on motorcycles and bourbon -- big wins for Harley Davidson  (HOG) - Get Free Report and Brown Forman  (BF.B) - Get Free Report, which rose 9% and 4.4% respectively. The new deal prevents illegal dumping of steel, while also allowing 3.3 million tons of steel to enter the U.S. tariff-free to help combat rising steel prices.

Raimondo is also working hard with Congress to pass the CHIPS Act, which will provide $52 billion to make semiconductors in the U.S. and break our reliance on Taiwan. Only 12% of all semiconductors are made in the U.S., Raimondo noted, but 0% of all high-end chips are made here, leaving us in a very vulnerable position. "We need to make chips in America," Raimondo said, "it's the most important thing we can be working on." It takes 18 months to build a new chip foundry, and we can't afford to wait.

Finally, Raimondo addressed our supply chain problems but said that our West Coast ports are finally beginning to get better. She cautioned that issues won't resolve overnight, but things are starting to turn the corner.

Executive Decision: Element Solutions

For his second "Executive Decision" segment, Cramer spoke with Benjamin Gliklich, president and CEO of Element Solutions  (ESI) - Get Free Report, the specialty chemical provider with shares up 31% for the year.

Gliklich explained that while Element Solutions has a diverse business, 90% of its sales stem from just two areas. About 60% of the business is in electronics and 30% is in industrial surface solutions.

One of ESI's largest end markets is automotive, where its solutions help decorate and protect auto components. Electric vehicles represent an even bigger opportunity for the company than traditional internal combustion vehicles do, Gliklich added.

Investors are sometimes confused about ESI's business. Gliklich explained that their solutions are referred to as "wet chemistry," as their coatings are typically applied in vats. However, the value of those coatings is in the technology and services that ESI provides to make those coatings possible, not just in the liquids themselves.

As for the company's electronics business, Gliklich said every semiconductor gets mounted onto a printed circuit board, and Element Solutions makes the coatings that allow those boards to function.

Cramer said Element Solutions is a great unknown story that's also inexpensive.

Great Times for Individual Investors

In his No-Huddle Offense segment, Cramer proclaimed that now is the best time to be an individual investor in 22 years. That's right, not since 1999 have things been this good for home gamers.

We're now in a market where if you see something that makes sense to you, you can buy the stock and make money practically overnight. Case in point: Tesla. Anyone that's ever driven a Tesla, loves Tesla, and anyone who has bought the stock has become a huge winner.

The same applies to Netflix  (NFLX) - Get Free Report. Like the new "Squid Game"? Buy the stock, because it's been soaring on the success of just this one series.

These stocks aren't bound by traditional metrics, Cramer explained, and that's why stocks like Nvidia have soared 23% this quarter alone. The less disciplined you are, the more money you can make, and that makes it a great time to be an individual investor.

Lightning Round

Here's what Jim Cramer had to say about some of the stocks that callers offered up during the Mad Money Lightning Round Monday evening:

SK Telecom  (SKM) - Get Free Report: "It's good, but I don't like the carrier business. The growth is not there."

Eventbrite  (EB) - Get Free Report: "This company has event planning and great management. "

Encore Wire  (WIRE) - Get Free Report: "This has been an up-and-down stock and it's now parabolic and I'm not recommending a parabolic stock. It's too dangerous."

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