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) -- "We're still not in control of our own destiny," Jim Cramer admitted to the viewers of his

"Mad Money"

TV show Friday.

He said that next week's trading rests with the news out of Europe and China and will once again likely weigh down the markets.

Cramer said that on Monday, the Chinese non-manufacturing PMI number will be released and will set the tone for perhaps the whole week's trading. Also on Monday, there will be sales updates from


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General Motors

(GM) - Get Free Report

. Cramer said he's hoping for positive numbers, but investors still can't own the autos.

On Tuesday,

Yum! Brands

(YUM) - Get Free Report

will have Cramer's ear. Cramer said he's worried about sales in China, a major growth driver for the company.

For Wednesday, Cramer said


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reports and while he's bullish on the company, shares have run up ahead of the quarter, which often signals a decline is coming.

Also on Wednesday,




Marriott International

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both report. Cramer said bumper crops in the U.S. is bad news for fertilizer giant Monsanto and he needs to hear from Marriott before deciding to get into the hotel group.

On Thursday,

Constellation Brands

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reports, but Cramer said he'd sell that name and pick up some


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, which offers dividend protection.

Finally for Friday, Cramer said the non-farm payroll numbers will be in charge. He said it won't be a bad number, but likely won't be a good one either.

China as a Drag

"Take heed of the Chinese weakness," Cramer warned viewers, "it's not going away."

Cramer said he is now seeing countless signs that the Chinese economy is getting worse, not better, which means that China can no longer be seen as a constant for our economy, but rather a drag that can bring us down.

Among the indicators Cramer cited as alarming are the decline in copper, which signals a slowdown in Chinese construction, along with slumping coal stocks, also a leading indicator with strong ties to Chinese demand. Cramer said that aluminum is also in free fall, as is steel, a commodity that the Chinese dump all over the globe at cut-rate prices when their own demand weakens.

Along on Cramer's radar was the decline in Maccau business for

Wynn Resorts

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, along with high-end retailers


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, all signs that China is cooling off fast.

"All is not fine," Cramer explained. He said that with the U.S. and European markets continuing to slump, the Chinese have no market for their exports, which is finally taking a toll on their own red hot economy. "China needs to stay top of mind," Cramer concluded. The country is too big and important to ignore any longer.

Pain Ahead

Be prepared to take a beating, a solemn Cramer warned viewers ahead of next week's trading. Cramer said the U.S. is not in control of its own markets, and there are lots of reasons why.

Cramer said first, the machines are still in charge, trading stocks as a basket based on preset levels determined by hedge funds and big ETFs.

Second, Cramer said that the analysts just don't see the value in high-yielding stocks, and they continue to downgrade great companies. Utilities, he said, are great low risk, high reward names. Think

Duke Energy

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American Electric Power

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Third, Cramer said that valuations are now meaningless, and stocks like


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, a stock which Cramer owns for his charitable trust,

Action Alerts PLUS, continue to decline regardless of their true value.

Fourth, Cramer said when stocks break, they don't recover and get beaten day after day. Cramer said all of the high multiple names, like


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Chipotle Mexican Grill

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Deckers Outdoor

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are all trading like they're dying a slow death.

Fifth, Cramer noted that Europe can still bring our markets down, even if the worst case scenarios are off the table. That's why Cramer continues to recommend selling all bank stocks both here and in Europe.

Finally, Cramer said that despite the fact few companies are missing earnings, no one will step up and stick their necks out with a buy recommendation. It's too dangerous, he said.

Cramer said he wishes things were different, but wishing, like hope, should never be part of the Wall Street equation. Cramer said only high yielding stocks, REITs, and master limited partnerships have what it takes to make it in this current environment.

Am I Diversified?

Cramer spoke with callers to see if their portfolios have what it takes. The first caller's portfolio included

CVR Partners

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Stormor Partners

(STON) - Get Free Report


Arcos Dorados

(ARCO) - Get Free Report



(VZ) - Get Free Report


Riverbed Technology



Cramer said this portfolio had perfect diversification.

The second caller's top holdings included

Kinder Morgan Energy Partners



Solar Capital

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Annaly Capital

(NLY) - Get Free Report


Southern Company

(SO) - Get Free Report


Frontier Communications

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Cramer said this portfolio will make a lot of money, even in this environment.

The third caller had

Bristol Myers-Squibb

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Dr Pepper Snapple




(XOM) - Get Free Report






(NWS) - Get Free Report


Cramer said this portfolio was also perfectly diversified for this troubled market.

Lightning Round

Cramer was bullish on

Cablevision Systems




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He was bearish on

Research In Motion



Deckers Outdoor

(DECK) - Get Free Report


Mad Mail

Cramer followed up on


(ILMN) - Get Free Report

, a stock that stumped him in an earlier show. Cramer said this stock is cheap, but he sees no reason why it can't get cheaper, as the company has no catalyst to jumpstart growth.

Cramer said that

Opko Health

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and its CEO have a great track record, which make him bullish on this company, but only for a trade.

Brazil Foods

(BRFS) - Get Free Report

, however, has a great long-term story but needs to see its price decline more before buying in. Cramer was also bearish on diamond merchant

Harry Winston


, as that stock offers no dividend protection.

When asked about


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, Cramer said that



, an Action Alerts PLUS name, would be a better choice.

And when queried about


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, Cramer said he's worried there too, as market leader

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is showing some weakness.

Finally, Cramer said that

iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF

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could head considerably lower and he's not yet a buyer there, either.

--Written by Scott Rutt in Washington, D.C.

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