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) -- "Don't be misled by today's market action," Jim Cramer announced to the viewers of his

"Mad Money"

TV show Friday.

He said once again stocks are being driven by market mechanics and not the fundamentals. Cramer said when it comes to next week's game plan, he'll be watching the

CurrencySharesEuro Trust

(FXE) - Get Report

, a gauge of the U.S. dollar's strength versus the Euro. "If the FXE goes higher, so will the market."

As for individual stocks, Cramer said he'll be watching


(LOW) - Get Report

, a stock which he owns for his charitable trust,

Action Alerts PLUS, and rival

Home Depot

(HD) - Get Report

for a read on the housing recovery. Will storms across the nation translate into a fix-it boom? Cramer said investors can trust what these two retailers will tell them.

Also on the watch list,

Urban Outfitter

(URBN) - Get Report

. Cramer said he's looking for a turnaround in Urban, and this will be their sink-or-swim quarter. On Tuesday, another retailer, this time



will take the stage. Cramer expects good things from Saks.

Cramer is not expecting good things from


(WMT) - Get Report



(DELL) - Get Report



(HPQ) - Get Report

however, and told investors they need a "wait and see" attitude for these companies. Cramer said he'd rather own


(AAPL) - Get Report

, another Action Alerts PLUS stock, rather than either Dell or Hewlett.

Also on the radar next week,


(SODA) - Get Report

, Cramer's favorite in-home soda maker. He said while Sodastream is still a speculation, it could be big. Also getting kudos was

Ross Stores

(ROST) - Get Report

, a company Cramer said is becoming the most consistent name in retail.

Finally, there's

(CRM) - Get Report

, which reports on Thursday. Cramer said he'd use deep-in-the-money call options to play this heavily shorted battleground name.

Also next week will be the IPO of social network LinkedIn. Cramer said investors want to get in, then get right back out of this stock. He said the long-term prospects for LinkedIn are shaky at best. The real benefactor of the LinkedIn IPO, said Cramer, will be


(NFLX) - Get Report

, which will finally have its valuation justified.

Campaigning for Natural Gas

In a special interview, Cramer took a few minutes to speak with Murry Gerber, former chairman and CEO of

EQT Corp

(EQT) - Get Report

, one of the companies leading the charge for more natural gas in America. Murry just completed a two-week trip across the country in a natural gas powered Hummer H3T to prove that natural gas vehicles are here and there are enough filling stations to make it happen.

Murry said while the Hummer H3T normally costs 26 cents a mile with gasoline, his cross-country trek averaged just 11.5 cents a mile while also producing 24% less pollution. He said there are some 12 million natural gas vehicles in the world, but only 100,000 here in the U.S., and that needs to change.

Murry said he believes the estimates that America now has a 125-year supply of natural gas are grossly understated, and he feels that estimate could double given newer and newer recovery techniques. With nearly 70% of all oil used going to transportation, Murry said natural gas vehicles could cut that number in half, leaving America to buy its oil from friendly nations as opposed to the Middle East.

When asked about environmental concerns, Murry said while he was at the helm of EQT, the company drilled some 4,000 wells without a single complaint or issue. He said the natural gas industry needs to do a better job of being forthcoming in order to gain the trust of environmentalists.

Cramer commended Murry for his efforts to promote natural gas as a bridge fuel towards the future. He told viewers to visit Murry's Website at

to learn more.



Deckers Outdoor

(DECK) - Get Report

is a misunderstood stock," said Cramer, as he made the case for why his favorite footwear company should be bought hand over fist.

Cramer said when Deckers reported on April 28, the company issued downside guidance for the upcoming quarter that sent shares plummeting 10%. But investors who listened to the details of the call noted that Deckers is changing its distribution model in the UK and parts of Europe, causing the company to push back pre-booked orders by one quarter.

Cramer said when you factor in the change in accounting, what he called a "clerical error," Deckers sales are actually poised to deliver 30% year-over- year sales growth, right in line with estimates.

Critics of Deckers also noted a build-up of inventory in the quarter, which Cramer shrugged off as being necessary to support growing distribution and ecommerce sales. "Don't these guys deserve the benefit of the doubt?" he asked.

Cramer said Deckers has produced a 1,000% return since he first recommended the stock in November, 2005 and a 75% return since last speaking to the company's CEO on June 3, 2010.

Cramer said Deckers' Uggs boots are taking share and growing like a weed. He said the company's share are a steal at just 16.5 times earnings, given the company's 26% growth rate.

Am I Diversified?

Cramer played "Am I Diversified" with callers to see if their portfolios have what it takes. The first caller's portfolio included


(ED) - Get Report


Duke Energy

(DUK) - Get Report



(CMI) - Get Report



(CVX) - Get Report


Phillip Morris International



Cramer identified two utilities with ConEd and Duke and recommended selling ConEd in favor of a telco stock.

The second caller's top holdings included


(HLF) - Get Report



(AAPL) - Get Report



(CSX) - Get Report



(PRU) - Get Report


Genesis Energy

(GEL) - Get Report


Cramer said this portfolio was diversified.

The third caller had


(HES) - Get Report












(MRK) - Get Report

as their top five stocks.

Cramer said although some of these names were not his favorites, the portfolio was properly diversified.

Lightning Round

Cramer was bullish on


(BIDU) - Get Report









(VZ) - Get Report



(CTL) - Get Report


He was bearish on

JPMorgan Chase

(JPM) - Get Report



(SINA) - Get Report

, and

Silver Standard Resources



Take a Pass on Goldman

In his "No Huddle Offense" segment, Cramer defended

Goldman Sachs

(GS) - Get Report

, which he said is not going under anytime soon.

Cramer said while it would be game over for Goldman if the federal government were to hand out an indictment against the firm, that's not likely to happen. He said Goldman will be tried in the press, not the courtroom, adding the company will do whatever it takes to survive.

So does that make Goldman Sachs a buy? Cramer said with the banks under assault from all fronts, no. He said at some price Goldman will be attractive, but for now, take a pass.

--Written by Scott Rutt in Washington, D.C.

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