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(Story updated to add Cramer's comments on growth stocks and how to trade Apple.)



) -- While this week's trading action brought an overblown sell-off, Jim Cramer told his

"Mad Money"

TV show viewers on Friday that next week brings renewed hope. He said if there's another big sell-off, he's just got the stock to buy.

Cramer's game plan for next week included several "look-and-listen" earnings calls, including

Clean Energy Fuels

(CLNE) - Get Report


Urban Outfitters

(URBN) - Get Report

on Monday. He said Clean Energy should provide a read on natural gas adoption for America's truck fleet, while Urban Outfitters needs to detail a plan to reignite growth.

Tuesday brings a pair of investor conferences in the oil patch. Cramer said that

Anadarko Petroleum

(APC) - Get Report



(CVX) - Get Report

should give investors a handle on the state of the world's oil and gas supply.

Then on Wednesday, Cramer said he'll be watching the short squeeze in

Vera Bradley

(VRA) - Get Report

, a stock he's previously said is far to hot to handle.

Next week also brings a

Federal Reserve

meeting on Tuesday and the February consumer price index and industrial production numbers on Friday, three more "look and listen" data points.

So what should investors actually buy next week? Cramer said he's bullish on the IPO of Dreamware, an ecommerce software maker. But his pick of the week was discount retailer

Ross Stores

(ROST) - Get Report

, a stock Cramer said he'd buy aggressively on any weakness or sell-off in the market.

Safe Dividend

In the "Executive Decision" segment, Cramer spoke with Gordon Kerr, president and CEO of


(ERF) - Get Report

, a Canadian oil and gas producer that sports a hefty 9.1% yield.

Kerr said the Enerplus has enjoyed a lot of successes in both the U.S. and Canada over its 25-year history and plans to continue to spend money adding acreage and reserves in both the Bakken and Marcellus shale fields here in the U.S. He said even with rising costs in the Bakken region, each long well that Enerplus drills provides $12 million to $13 million is profits for the company.

When asked about the companies financing options and whether Enerplus' dividend is safe, Kerr said that his company has a lot of flexibility, including the possibility to offer long-term debt, partner with others to develop some if its longer-term opportunities or sell an equity stake in some other investments that it has made. In short, Kerr said the dividend is safe and Enerplus will even be expanding its dividend reinvestment plan to include U.S. shareholders soon.

Kerr was also a big proponent of using domestic natural gas for surface vehicles. He said while gas prices haven't curbed economic activity yet, the ability to reduce the carbon footprint while using a domestic resource just makes sense. He said there's a great chance than ever that both the U.S. and Canada will be exporting natural gas soon given our huge supplies and inability to use it.

Cramer said he's a fan of Enerplus and will be a big proponent of the dividend reinvestment plan as soon as that becomes available for U.S. shareholders.

Analyzing a Speculative Stock

For "Speculation Friday," Cramer dove into the stock of



and offered viewers a look into the step-by-step process he uses to evaluate a speculative stock.

Step one, what does it do? Cramer said that Solazyme is developing an industrial biotech platform that uses algae to turn plants into specialty oils. The company has almost no sales and even fewer profits, but does have a ton of potential applications, including everything from personal care products to bio-fuel for aviation.

Step two, bloodlines. Cramer said Solazyme was founded in 2003 but only came public in 2011. It's cofounders include a science guy and a business guy, and its CFO is a finance guy, completing the needed trifecta. The IPO had great underwriters in

Morgan Stanley

(MS) - Get Report


Goldman Sachs

(GS) - Get Report


Step three, potential upside. Solazyme has created a host of valuable partnerships, including with


(BG) - Get Report

, an agricultural giant,


(CVX) - Get Report

, makers of diesel fuel, the U.S. Navy, which needs bio-fuels, and Sephora, makers of skin care and cosmetics.

Step four, addressable market. Cramer said the market opportunities for Solazyme are gigantic, if the company can actually ramp up production of its technologies in any one of its many market opportunities. The company's first plant is expected to come online in mid-2013.

Step five, the risks. Cramer said the company has enough capital to fund itself, with $243 million in cash, a solid balance sheet and the ability to borrow more if it needs to. What about competition? Solazyme smarter partnered with just about everyone who would potentiallyy want to compete with it. Cramer said once again that the only real risk is if the company can execute on its plans.

Step six, your personal risk tolerance. Cramer said with no real catalyst until 2013, the decision to own Solazyme should only be made if investors feel it fits their personal risk tolerances. But by using these six steps, he said investors can easily make a smart decision on this, or any other, speculative stock they come across.

Cramer's Picks

In his "Homework" segment, Cramer followed up on

Verifone Systems


, a stock he said he saw a lot of good things in the company's earnings results and thinks the stock is cheap at 16 times earnings. Cramer said that

Provident Energy


is dead money, as the company ponders a recent takeover bid.

When asked about



, Cramer said that he's still a buyer as the business is still good. Cramer was also bullish on


(K) - Get Report

, a stock which he owns for his charitable trust,

Action Alerts PLUS, and one he likes more than




Cramer also reiterated his buy on

Solar Capital

(SLRC) - Get Report

, as the company's cash flow more than covers its dividend.

Lightning Round

Cramer was bullish on

SPDR Gold Shares

(GLD) - Get Report


Solar Capital

(SLRC) - Get Report


Wells Fargo

(WFC) - Get Report


US Bancorp

(USB) - Get Report


Devon Energy

(DVN) - Get Report



(COST) - Get Report


Cramer was bearish on

Silvercorp Metals

(SVM) - Get Report


Prospect Capital

(PSEC) - Get Report



(EXPE) - Get Report


Bank of America

(BAC) - Get Report


United States Natural Gas

(UNG) - Get Report



(DBD) - Get Report


Seek Growth Stocks

In his "No Huddle Offense" segment, Cramer sounded off the term "risk on, risk off," a term he called "nonsense" and one that does nothing to help investors.

Cramer said the markets used to use the phrase "growth versus value," which made sense. In markets like ours, when the consumer is feeling better and input costs are falling, discretionary stocks like

Under Armour

(UA) - Get Report


Lululemon Athletica

(LULU) - Get Report

can power higher, which is why growth names across the board are charging higher.

"Seek growth and you shall find profits," Cramer concluded, "seek 'risk on' and I have no idea what you get!"

Apple Trade

In his closing comments, Cramer reiterated that the way to play


(AAPL) - Get Report

, an Action Alerts PLUS holding, is by buying Apple. He added that





(QCOM) - Get Report

are also great derivative stocks.

--Written by Scott Rutt in Washington, D.C.

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At the time of publication, Cramer was long Kellogg, Apple.

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