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Genzyme's Mosaic


( GENZ) is a beautiful mosaic of a biotech stock and is right for this market, said Jim Cramer Tuesday on his "Mad Money" TV show.



( DNA), which focuses on cancer drugs, Genzyme is diversified with drugs to treat all kinds of diseases, said Cramer.

Genzyme's approach is to go after niche markets with little competition where the company can dominate, said Cramer. That approach appears to be working, given the strong third-quarter results Genzyme reported Tuesday.

Cramer still likes Genentech and



, but Genzyme should be added to the mix, he said.

In response to questions about more speculative biotech plays, Cramer said to stay away -- especially in a market like this -- unless one is just speculating with mad money.

The Accenture Nobody Knows

Following up on a question asked earlier in the show, Cramer said one absolutely should not buy



. The company hasn't made any money in six years and its revenues "aren't happening," he said.

Cramer is bullish on






reported surprisingly good results in its outsourcing and consulting business, he said.

"If IBM's consulting business can do that well ... then Accenture can doubtless do a whole lot better in this market," said Cramer.

Accenture has done a number of things to try to catch the market's attention, he said, including a Dutch tender offer, buying back stock, offering a dividend and beating earnings estimates. "But nobody cares," said Cramer.

Until last week, even Cramer would have recommended

Infosys Technologies




outsourcing play.

But after taking another look at Accenture, Cramer realized that Accenture has Infosys beat, and he believes investors can make a lot more money investing in Accenture, which has a cheaper stock.

At 16 times earnings, Accenture is almost a value play, he said. Cramer likes Accenture as a long-term investment because Accenture is well positioned to be the biggest beneficiary from the huge secular growth in outsourcing.

Amylin Entertainment



columnist Herb Greenberg joined Cramer on the show. Cramer asked Greenberg about

Take-Two Interactive


, a video-game stock Greenberg has long been bearish on.

With Take-Two's stock down about 40% from its all-time high, Cramer asked Greenberg, "Don't you think at this level, the mutual funds come in and buy it?"

"Yeah, they'll buy it because they want to make the trade," said Greenberg, but, it's not about the trade, he added.

"This is a company that I see as a one-trick pony, even thought they have a lot of other games. These mutual funds think lightning is going to strike twice with this company."

Estimates are coming down, and even the bulls are throwing in the towel on this company, he said.

Cramer then asked Greenberg why he is so bullish on

Amylin Pharmaceuticals

( AMLN). Greenberg said one of his best sources has been accumulating Amylin from the $14 range to the low $30s and isn't about to sell even though the stock has more than doubled from its 52-week low.

Cramer said he believes that Greenberg is right to be bearish on Take-Two, but in this tough market, Cramer can't resist taking the profits in Amylin, he said, even though long term there may be big money to be made.

Mad Mail

A viewer asked, if



reaches Cramer's $350 price target, should one sell the stock or let it ride? Cramer said he does not believe in letting one's investments ride. He would take profits "until you are finally playing with the house's money."

In response to a question about







Texas Instruments


, Cramer said his sources at Dell are being cautious.

Intel reported earnings Tuesday after the close which were "not what we wanted" with a "higher inventory number." The stock is "clearly not going anywhere." Texas Instruments is the one to buy, said Cramer.

Commenting on the lack of availability of



new video iPod, Cramer said the trade in Apple will work until Apple's new video iPod is available in abundance. After that, it will be time to ring the register.




partnership with



, Cramer said "no can do." TiVo's stock should be sold, he said.

A viewer wanted to know if



is still a good play for Cramer's fourth-quarter tech rally.

Cramer said he does not believe that Microsoft's third-quarter earnings, to be announced at the end of October, will disappoint. Cramer also likes the fact that Rich Pzena, manager of the

John Hancock Classic Value

fund is buying Microsoft.

"It's the cheapest I've ever seen it," said Cramer. "Two thumbs up. Way up!"

Lightning Round


Cramer was bullish on

Penn National Gaming



Southwestern Energy




( CD),




Bristol-Myers Squibb



American Electric Power



PNM Resources



Duke Energy



J.P. Morgan Chase



Wal-Mart Stores



General Maritime



Goldman Sachs







Cramer was bearish on




Sprint Nextel



Valero Energy



General Motors



BioCryst Pharmaceuticals



Panacos Pharmaceuticals






Knightsbridge Tankers



Dobson Communications



International Securities Exchange

( ISE),







At the time of publication, Cramer was long Cendant, Microsoft, Intel, Halliburton and Altria.

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