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ATLANTA -- Cramer told a roaring crowd of Georgia Tech business students that

InterContinental Exchange

(ICE) - Get Report

is "the single best way to play the volatility in oil."

ICE is a derivatives exchange. Derivatives, Cramer explained, are options and futures. ICE is a great play on futures contracts, he said. Every time someone executes a trade, ICE makes money. Oil volatility means more trades are taking place, which in turn means more money for ICE, he said.

In addition, Cramer believes ICE is a takeover target. He expects ICE to be bought by "the most disappointing stock" he's had since he started "Mad Money":

NYSE Euronext


, which he owns for his charitable trust,

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"I expect it to bail me out of one of my worst stock picks ever," he said. NYSE needs to buy ICE to bail itself, as well as Cramer, out. ICE's derivatives trading services plug a big hole in NYSE's business. A merger would be "a marriage made in heaven," he said. "It would become a global powerhouse."

Coca-Cola Poised for Olympics Boost

If market players want to buy one beverage company,


(KO) - Get Report

is the stock to own, Cramer told viewers.

Under CEO Neville Isdell's leadership, Coca-Cola has managed to catch up to


(PEP) - Get Report

, he said, and is now acquiring Glaceau.

Coke's "massive" buyback and "incredible" yield give the company "great downside protection." Plus, it beat earnings by three cents per share and had 19.2% sales growth in the third quarter.

Cramer said Coke has become "the great international beverage company" and sees 10 points of upside in the next year for the stock.

When people see a quarter as good as Coke's, they have to go to the keeper of the number: the CFO. Cramer welcomed Coke's CFO Gary Fayard to the show and asked him if people could see a giant jump for Coke when the Olympics take place in China next year.

"I think it's going to be phenomenal," Fayard said. "We are the one company in the world that supports all of the Olympics. This is where the world comes together and we are the world's beverage company."

Fayard said Coke has admitted the countries it has had problems in and in every one of them, the company has tried to fix the problems. "They'll never all be right, but we've made tremendous progress," he said.

When Cramer asked how the beverage company's managed to get five million new Coke drinkers, Fayard explained that most people don't live in the U.S. and that 80% of Coke's business is in international countries. As people around the world increasingly move to urban areas and as emerging markets become wealthier, people want convenience and are increasingly buying packaged beverages, the CFO said.

In terms of currencies, 80% of Coke's income is from international markets, Fayard continued. "We use

an option strategy but protect against downside when it comes to currencies," he said. Coke continues to reap the benefits as the euro goes higher.

Comments on Student Picks

Cramer discussed stocks with students who belong to the Georgia Tech's investment committee.

The first student recommended


(NOK) - Get Report

, saying as more people across the world become obsessed with their cell phones, Nokia is the way to play the mobile phone craze.

"I'm with you, that one's a winner," Cramer agreed.

The next student brought up

Grant Prideco


. The catalyst here, the student said, is that as the company finishes consolidating its facilities, its margins are going to get better.

Cramer said he believes there are better stocks out there, including


(RIG) - Get Report

, which he owns for Action Alerts PLUS, but said he would keep an eye out on Grant Prideco.

Cramer agreed with another student that people should back up the truck on

J. Crew



However, when a investment committee member mentioned


(FOSL) - Get Report

, Cramer pulled out his pillow and blanket and got ready to take a nap.

TST Recommends

Cramer said Fossil is "probably OK," but his worry is that retailers have already had a run. "I wish I liked shopping there more," he said of Fossil.

During his question-and-answer session, Cramer told a Georgia Tech student who asked about Atlanta-based companies that he was "blown away by how good


(STI) - Get Report

quarter was today."

"STI is right for you," he told the student. It's a "nice, conservative financial" and when the


starts cutting rates, he expects STI will do "really well."

When a student asked how Cramer interacts with people that he makes fun of on his show, like


(C) - Get Report

Chuck Prince, he said, "They don't want to spend a minute with me and I don't want to spend a minute with them." Cramer owns Citigroup for his charitable trust.

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Lightning Round

Cramer was bullish on

Research In Motion




(WB) - Get Report



(MO) - Get Report


Cramer was bearish on





(M) - Get Report



(IBM) - Get Report





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