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Texas Instruments

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Trident Microsystems

( TRID) to take advantage of the coming growth in sales of high-end TV sets, which are sure to be hot items this holiday season, Jim Cramer said Tuesday on "Mad Money."

Prices are coming down significantly, he said, for digital light processor and liquid-crystal display TV sets. (Prices of plasma TVs, however, are another story.)

Falling prices, Cramer said, are sure to spur demand.

Compare and High Contrast

But, don't buy the stocks of the TV manufacturers such as


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. Those companies' margins will be squeezed by the falling prices, Cramer said.

Instead, buy their suppliers: Texas Instruments, Corning and Trident. Of the three, Cramer said, Corning is his favorite.

The time to buy is now, though. If you wait until Christmas, you're going to miss the trade, Cramer said. Sony, Samsung and other companies are placing orders with their suppliers


in order to make


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Best Buy's

(BBY) - Get Best Buy Co., Inc. Report

holiday seasons. Thus,


is the holiday season for suppliers.

A caller asked if the high-end TV manufacturers wouldn't possibly squeeze their suppliers in order to get lower component prices. Cramer said this is not a likely scenario because there simply are not enough suppliers. Texas Instruments, for example, is only one supplier for DLP TV technology.

Another caller asked if high-end TVs were going to be such hot sellers at Christmas, should he also buy the stock of Best Buy?

Cramer said he thought Best Buy still "has a little more downside. I want to wait until September before I pull the trigger on that one."

Latin Style

"You need to be


on investing in Latin America," said Cramer, who indicated that he was changing his tune on investing south of the border, at least for a trade. "You need to be where the bull market is."

Cramer, who has been bullish on


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, also recommended

Banco Bradesco

(BBD) - Get Banco Bradesco SA Report

. However, Cramer stressed that he is recommending Banco Bradesco just for a trade.

Cramer has had poor results investing in Latin America and said that he's "not one of those guys who says it's different this time. I think Latin America will implode sooner or later. But, for now, I like these stocks. I think they're going up."

But none of the negatives of investing in Latin America matters for now, he said, because of the region's rapid growth. Fund managers in this country are "addicted to growth," he said, adding that once the stocks go up, you should "ring the register."

A caller asked if there were regions or countries in which Cramer would avoid investing. He responded that he would be wary of China.

"I have never lost money as fast as I have in Chinese IPOs ...

or Chinese banks," he said. "There are a lot of people there. But, the bottom line is that it is a communist country. They still like sticking it to capitalists, and they'll stick it to you."

Second Time Is a Charm

Cramer identified several stocks that he was bullish on, not because of the companies' original business models -- as many have matured -- but because of the companies' secondary or newly created businesses.

First, Cramer was bullish on


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because of its upstart, fast-food Mexican restaurant, Chipotle.

Even though Chipotle makes up just 3% of McDonald's business, Cramer thinks it will become a much larger part.

Cramer was also bullish on


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because of its White House Black Market stores. White House Black Market makes up only 15% of Chico's business, but it's growing at an annualized rate of 67%.

Cramer recommended waiting to buy Chico's stock until Thursday when the company reports earnings.

Additionally, Cramer was bullish on

Men's Wearhouse


, because of its new K&G Stores, and

Urban Outfitters

(URBN) - Get Urban Outfitters, Inc. Report


He said he would wait for a pullback before buying Urban Outfitters. "Long term,

Urban Outfitters is the retailer you must own."

Unconventional Wisdom

Cramer had


(ECA) - Get Encana Corporation Report

CEO Gwyn Morgan as a guest on the show. Morgan said that natural gas production peaked two years ago, except for in the "unconventional space," which is where EnCana is.

Morgan said people are beginning to realize that the future is unconventional oil and gas production such as oil sands and certain newly viable sources of natural gas.

Although Cramer recently sold some of his EnCana stock after a big gain, he said he still holds some shares and thinks the upcoming quarter will be a good one for EnCana. "Is it a 'mon back here?" Cramer asked ("'mon back" meaning to load up with shares). "Maybe under $40."

Finally, Cramer commented on news after the closing bell that

General Dynamics

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had received a bullet contract from the army.

Alliant Techsystems


, a competitor, was trading down in reaction to the news.

Cramer said, "Don't fret. At $74, you can do some buying,"



reported August comparable store sales after the bell. Cramer commented, "Nothing good in the 'hood. I'd wait two smackers" before buying.

Lightning Round


Cramer was bullish on

Johnson & Johnson

(JNJ) - Get Johnson & Johnson Report



( SGP),

Eli Lilly

(LLY) - Get Eli Lilly and Company Report





Whole Foods Market

( WFMI),

Duke Energy

(DUK) - Get Duke Energy Corporation Report



( EVVV),


(PTR) - Get PetroChina Co. Ltd. Report


TurboChef Technologies

( OVEN),

ATI Technologies

( ATYT),

Dress Barn

( DBRN),


(ETR) - Get Entergy Corporation Report



(TEX) - Get Terex Corporation Report


First Marblehead



Diamond Offshore Drilling

(DO) - Get Diamond Offshore Drilling, Inc. Report





Marvell Technology Group

(MRVL) - Get Marvell Technology, Inc. Report



(CAT) - Get Caterpillar Inc. Report



( MOT).

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Cramer was bearish on

Campbell Soup

(CPB) - Get Campbell Soup Company Report


Sara Lee

( SLE),

ConAgra Foods

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(TIVO) - Get TiVo Corp. Report


BEA Systems

( BEAS),

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(KR) - Get Kroger Co. Report



(FOSL) - Get Fossil Group, Inc. Report





(BIDU) - Get Baidu Inc. Report



(KMX) - Get CarMax, Inc. Report


Momenta Pharmaceuticals

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Norfolk Southern

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(UST) - Get ProShares Ultra 7-10 Year Treasury Report


Millennium Pharmaceuticals

( MLNM),





( ACF).

At the time of publication, Cramer was long Alliant Techsystems, Intel, Motorola, EnCana, Yahoo! and Sears Holdings.

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