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Tech is the real deal. Stop believing tech is a sham. Forget about the past and get long tech. That's what Jim Cramer told his viewers on his "Mad Money" show Thursday night.

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were told to stop thinking short term and become an owner of technology. Quit selling every up move in technology, Cramer said. We are not living in 1999; tech today is moving up on real numbers, not hot air, Cramer continued.



(GOOG) - Get Report

. Lehman Brothers raised its price target on the stock to $350, from $275, and lifted its earnings estimate to $7.53 for 2006, up from an earlier forecast of $7.18 a share. If you assign Google a 60 multiple, which is where



trades, the stock would trade at $450 a share. But price targets don't matter as much with Google, said Cramer. It's the profit. If Google earns $7.53 a share in 2006, the stock is cheap.

In sum, Cramer said that tech is not a pipe dream made of hype. It's the real deal. Big-cap technology is cheap here and you should buy it, said Cramer.

Investors should also be looking at the bargains in oil and real estate, especially after Thursday's glorious sale, Cramer said. To play the oil stocks and real estate, Cramer said that he would buy


(VLO) - Get Report

for oil and

Vornado Realty Trust

(VNO) - Get Report

for real estate.

Cramer believes that it is going to be a race to $100 with these two stocks. Which one will get to $100 first? Valero trades at around $81 and Vornado trades at about $83, but Cramer believes Valero will cross the $100 line first. But no worries, Cramer said. They're both going to $100, even if Valero gets there first.

And what about the restaurant stocks? Cramer said that he would rather own



, which is still a regional company, instead of

PF Chang's China Bistro

( PFCB) or

California Pizza Kitchen

( CPKI), both of which are national chains. Why? Because Sonic has a lot more room to grow; its best days are still ahead of it.

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"Moving from regional to national means big growth," Cramer said. When a restaurant chain has saturated most of the country, then it's time to move out of the stock, Cramer continued. Sonic, which has 25% of its stores in Texas, still has a long way to go before it has stores all over the country.

What's more, the company hasn't yet entered California in a meaningful way -- not because the barriers to entry are difficult but because it has had difficult obtaining building permits. So, Cramer said, investors should be buying Sonic.

And how about

Commerce Bancorp

(CBH) - Get Report

? Cramer admits to selling it too early and said that he wished he had more. Cramer said the company isn't a bank; it's a retailer masquerading as a bank. The company knows its customers and caters to their every need.

Cramer visited the new Chinatown location in Manhattan Thursday and the place was teeming with people. Many of the new customers were there trying to get new safety deposit boxes, which have been difficult to find. New customers were also walking away with new rice cookers.

The company's chief executive, Vernon Hill, whom Cramer interviewed on the show Thursday night, said Cramer is correct about his conclusion that Commerce is more like a retailer and less like a bank. What's more, Hill said that the company has a lot more growth ahead of it. It recently opened its first two branches in Washington, D.C., and it plans to open more in the region. Cramer said he wished he owned more and told investors that they should go out and buy the stock.

Lightning Round


Cramer was bullish on:


( DNA),




Grey Wolf

( GW),

Automatic Data Processing

(ADP) - Get Report



( OVEN),

Abbott Labs

(ABT) - Get Report


Capital One Financial

(COF) - Get Report


Lions Gate Entertainment



Global Industries



Pioneer Drilling

( PDC),




M&T Bank

(MTB) - Get Report


United Technologies



(BA) - Get Report


Lucent Technologies

( LU),

Devon Energy

(DVN) - Get Report


Time Warner




( HDI),

American International Group

(AIG) - Get Report



( SGP),

Baker Hughes



General Mills

(GIS) - Get Report



Cramer was bearish on:

Parker Drilling

(PKD) - Get Report


j2 Global Communications

(JCOM) - Get Report


OSI Pharmaceuticals

( OSIP),


( HOC),


( VIAC),

Red Hat

( RHAT),

Pharmaceutical Product Development

( PPDI),


(PFE) - Get Report



( DPH),

Gen Probe

(GPRO) - Get Report


Fuelcell Energy

(FCEL) - Get Report


Agere Systems

(AGR) - Get Report


Bell Microproducts

( BELM),

Harmony Gold

(HMY) - Get Report



(NFLX) - Get Report


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At the time of publication, Cramer was long Boeing, Commerce Bancorp, General Mills, Lucent and Yahoo!.

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