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The best stocks for the next six months?

"It's all about health care," Jim Cramer said Monday evening on his "Mad Money" show on


. It's all about cost containment and the drug disbursement companies that will be big winners because of Medicare changes that go into effect in 2006.

"These stocks are just like the oils were at the beginning of the year," Cramer said. "Health care is the new oil."

So, how do investors take advantage of the Medicare changes? Cramer outlined five stocks that will do particularly well. Cramer said the following are the five "must-own" stocks:

UnitedHealth Group

(UNH) - Get Report

, which is the best cost-containment company in the country. "At less than 51 smackers, it's a great deal," Cramer said.


( CMX), a pharmacy benefit manager, has Medicare exposure, Cramer said.



, an institutional pharmacy.





(CVS) - Get Report

are both great pharmacies. Cramer doesn't know which one will do better, so he said own both.

In addition to the five, Cramer added two more names to the mix. These two stocks, however, should be put into your "Mad Money" speculative portfolio. They are


(MDRX) - Get Report


Quality Systems


. These companies, which make software for hospitals and doctors' offices, help companies save time, money and lives, Cramer said. What's more, they have lots of potential for growth because there is only 5% market penetration right now.

Cramer did say to stay away from one name, though:


(WCG) - Get Report

. The managed care services company will not do well, he said.

'The Lightning Round'

Image placeholder title


Cramer was bullish on:

Abbott Labs

(ABT) - Get Report



(LEN) - Get Report



( HDI),

Zimmer Holdings




( PIXR),

Millennium Pharmaceuticals

( MLNM),

New York Community Bancorp

( NYB),


(GME) - Get Report



(UBS) - Get Report


Onyx Pharmaceuticals



JLG Industries

( JLG),

Vertex Pharmaceuticals

(VRTX) - Get Report


Iconix Brand

(ICON) - Get Report



(AMGN) - Get Report



(DD) - Get Report


Evergreen Solar

( ESLR),

Life Time Fitness

(LTM) - Get Report


Quantum Fuel Systems



Cisco Systems

(CSCO) - Get Report




, and

LSI Logic

(LSI) - Get Report



Cramer was bearish on:

Toll Brothers

(TOL) - Get Report





Union Pacific

(UNP) - Get Report



( SERO),

Alaska Communications Systems

(ALSK) - Get Report


Teva Pharmaceutical

(TEVA) - Get Report


Home Depot

(HD) - Get Report





Newell Rubbermaid

(NWL) - Get Report



( AVCT),

American Tower

(AMT) - Get Report


Seattle Genetics

(SGEN) - Get Report

, and


(F) - Get Report


Going Global

Last week, Cramer discussed

a basket of security stocks that investors should own. Within that basket was

Global E-Point

( GEPT). The company has risen more than 80% since Thursday when Cramer first mentioned it. But when the stock is up this much, Cramer said, you have to take profits.

"When you have gains of 100%, you need to take something off the table," he said. Remember: "You haven't made a dime until you sell," he stressed.

Cramer told a caller that when you get stocks like Global E-Point, which make huge moves, you should trade around the portfolio. You sell half the position in the stock, Cramer said, and hope that the stock falls so that you can buy more.

At the time of publication, Cramer was long Boeing, GameStop and UnitedHealth Group.

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