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In honor of playoff season, Jim Cramer went four-for-four on Wednesday and gave viewers of his "Mad Money" TV show four stocks that yield 4% or better:

Dividends are a lot more important than people may think, Cramer said.

Federal Reserve

Chairman Ben Bernanke gave a speech today, and it makes Cramer believe Bernanke is close to cutting interest rates. In the event of rate cuts, market players want stocks with high dividends, he said.

Cramer's first play, Tupperware, "is perhaps one of the most boring stocks in the universe, but people should still buy it," he said.

This company is not only paying a 4.5 % dividend "while it gets its act together," but the estimates for Tupperware are low, and it should beat them, Cramer said.

His second pick, Washington Mutual, has a 4.8% yield. It also sells 10 times earnings and is buying back stock, he said. Although the company's operating margins may be going down, Cramer said its dividend is too compelling a reward and people should buy it.

A comparative stock he uses for Washington Mutual is

Countrywide Financial

( CFC). Countrywide has been performing well, which is telling us that Washington Mutual should do the same, Cramer said.

Image placeholder title

His third stock recommendation was Alaska Communications Systems, a stock that has 12% growth and a 6.5% yield. This is "one of the best growers with one of best yields," Cramer said.

Alaska is going to have a huge influx of people, and when people think of Alaska Communications, they should think of growth, he said.

Cramer's last pick, AT&T, is a 9% grower with a 4.1% yield. AT&T's "terrible margins" could improve as soon as it closes its merger with


( BLS), and it could be a core holding, defined as "a substantial long-term holding in a portfolio or fund," he said.

"You want to hold a core holding before it becomes one," Cramer said. "AT&T is a liquid name that is well run. This is a great stock with a great dividend."

You Say Yamana, I Say Humana

In a special "Homonym Time With Cramer" segment, Cramer gave viewers two stocks that "capture the spirit" of the current market:


(AUY) - Get Report



(HUM) - Get Report


If you're a bull and believe rates are dropping and inflation is under control, you'd probably want to buy Humana, he said. And if you're a bear and believe interest rates are heading up, the dollar is going down and that "terrorism is about to heat up," then you want to buy Yamana, Cramer said.

"Humana is a classic growth stock" which has benefited "a great deal" from the GOP health care plan, he said.

But if the Democrats take the House or the Senate, Humana can be "dangerous" to own. It could become "public enemy number" one in this case, Cramer said. "If not, then it could be smooth sailing."

Yamana appeals to the bears because it is 30% from its peak, and it should be "the gold stock with the most upside," Cramer said.

Yamana trades at 6.3 times next year earnings and is the "cheapest and best-of-breed of gold stocks," he said.

"If you're a bull like me, you want Humana, and if you're a bear, you need Yamana."

Am I Diversified?

In the "Am I Diversified?" segment of the show, Cramer's first caller had the following five stocks in her portfolio:

Since Dell, Xerox and Hewlett-Packard are all related, Cramer said he couldn't bless this portfolio as diversified. He called Hewlett-Packard, a stock he owns for his

Action Alerts PLUS charitable trust, the keeper out of the three and advised the caller to get some health care action, with a stock like

Johnson & Johnson

(JNJ) - Get Report

, another stocks Cramer owns for his charitable trust.

He also said he preferred

Devon Energy

(DVN) - Get Report

, a stock he also owns for his charitable trust, over Exxon.

The next caller named the following five stocks:

Cramer told the caller he was "completely diversified" but said he preferred Devon to Apache and Johnson & Johnson to Pfizer.

The last caller owned the following five stocks:

Cramer said he couldn't bless this portfolio as diversified because Apple and Motorola constitute a pair, even though they are two of his favorite stocks.

Mad Mail & Sudden Death

In the "Mad Mail" segment, a viewer asked Cramer if he had any stock-buying rules when the market is near or at record highs. Cramer said he suggests that people buy a piece of their desired position at the present time and the rest later.

Responding to his next viewer mail, Cramer said there are times like with

Level 3 Communications



Quest Communications


, where he likes stocks as both trades and investments.

When a viewer asked when


(NBR) - Get Report

, which Cramer owns for his charitable trust, might stop going down, Cramer said he doesn't expect it to bottom until the

Oil Services HOLDRs

(OIH) - Get Report

drops to $115.

At that time you can pull the trigger, he said. OIH closed at $122.60 Wednesday.

In the "Sudden Death" round, Cramer was bullish on

BT Group




(AMGN) - Get Report

. He was bearish on


(NFLX) - Get Report


Lightning Round

Cramer was bullish on

TD Ameritrade

(AMTD) - Get Report



( NUVO),

Arena Pharmaceuticals

(ARNA) - Get Report



(HAL) - Get Report


Rite Aid

(RAD) - Get Report






( ILSE),

United Auto Group

(UAG) - Get Report


Qwest Communications



Sears Holdings



Cramer was bearish on

Old Dominion Freight Line

(ODFL) - Get Report


Energy Conversion Devices

( ENER),

Tyco International






Skyworks Solutions

(SWKS) - Get Report


J2 Global Communications

(JCOM) - Get Report


Quest Diagnostics

(DGX) - Get Report








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