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"Tonight we mourn the dissolution of capitalized labor," Jim Cramer told viewers of his "Mad Money" TV show Monday.

General Motors

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has tentatively reached an agreement with the United Auto Workers union in favor of GM, and now Cramer believes the union has been weakened.

The next big money, he said, should be made in


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, which is next to negotiate with the UAW. Cramer wants people to get into Ford ahead of its meeting with the union because he believes CEO Alan Mulally will turn those negotiations into money for shareholders.

While Cramer called GM the better company, he believes Ford is the better stock because it's "depressed." With the GM blueprint, he said it should be easy for Ford to win the UAW agreement. Further, Cramer expects after the deal that there will be "massively lower" health care costs at Ford.

Also, Ford is in a better cash position with better expected cash flows than GM, he said. Ford is ready to climb out of its range and go higher, Cramer said. It is a stock to consider getting into.

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Organized labor at the industrial level has been in bad shape and is now getting worse, Cramer told viewers. Another pin-action play off the GM deal that Cramer believes should break out of its range and go higher is

American Axle

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But Cramer said the auto parts manufacturer has one big problem: its employees. The company's workers have great pensions, wages and health benefits. But in early 2008, Axle's contract with the UAW comes to an end, and that, he said, will send the company back to the negotiating table.

Cramer expects Axle to push the union to get a deal similar to GM's, and the stock will "break out at least six points to the upside" when that happens next year. He urged viewers to consider getting in before that happens.

Mortgage-Default Play

As the


continues to steadily creep up to more than 14,000, it will become more difficult to find investment opportunities, Cramer said.

As the easy money has already been made, the best place to look, Cramer said, is at the overlooked initial public offerings. The next unsponsored, orphaned IPO Cramer believes could make people mad money is

Dolan Media



The company, which came public on Aug. 2, is "one of the most interesting plays around" as it is a play directly on mortgage defaults, he said. What's good about Dolan, Cramer said, is that it has not attracted much attention.

Dolan works in two segments. On one hand, it publishes business journals, and on the other, it is a mortgage default processor, he said. The latter business, which is a part of Dolan's professional services division, helps law firms process residential mortgage defaults.

When the company reported Sept. 6, it talked about ramping up its professional services division. Cramer believes it should soon constitute the bigger half of Dolan.

Despite market volatility the past couple of months, Dolan has moved from $17 to $24, and Cramer expects the stock to continue to go higher.

'Mad Mail'

In his "Mad Mail" segment, Cramer told a viewer that

NYSE Euronext


, which he owns for his charitable trust,

Action Alerts PLUS, has been a poor stock pick so far.

While the financials underneath the company have been good, the stock continues to decline, he said. Although he believes the people who have been shorting the NYSE all the way down are wrong, in the end Cramer said he blew it with this stock.

Responding to another email, Cramer said he believes in


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and that it should go to $120. Boeing closed at $106.65 Monday.

Cramer told another mailer he recommended


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too early. He said the stock is in great shape and that he wouldn't sell it.

Lightning Round

Cramer was bullish on


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( SWIM),

RF Micro Devices



Skyworks Solutions

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Best Buy

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T. Rowe Price

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TST Recommends

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Under Armour

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Kraft Foods

( KFT) and


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Cramer was bearish on

Jones Soda



Melco PBL Entertainment



China Precision Steel



Circuit City

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Level 3 Communications




( TLAB),

Archer Daniels Midland

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Red Hat

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At the time of publication, Cramer was long NYSE Euronext.

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