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Just back from vacation, Jim Cramer stuck his neck out on Monday night. He told his "Mad Money" viewers that

Dick's Sporting Goods

(DKS) - Get Dick's Sporting Goods, Inc. Report

is his pick of the week.

"I am sticking my neck out right now," Cramer said. He believes that Dick's will report a strong quarter on Tuesday. It's "the best story you have never heard of," Cramer said.

This is a story of a regional player moving to the national stage, he said. Consider this: At the end of 2002, Dick's had 141 stores in 25 states. By the end of 2004, the company had 234 stores in 33 states. "We haven't even got near saturation yet," Cramer said.

Companies such as


(GPS) - Get Gap, Inc. Report

, which has more than 3,000 stores, and

Foot Locker

(FL) - Get Foot Locker, Inc. Report

, which has more than 3,900, have saturated the market.

Home Depot

(HD) - Get Home Depot, Inc. Report

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has more than 1,800 stores. But Dick's, with its 234 stores, is nowhere near saturation. Indeed, if Dick's opened just 1,000 stores, the company would have 400% potential store growth.

Another nice thing about Dick's, said Cramer, is that what's not necessarily good for


(NKE) - Get NIKE, Inc. Class B Report



( RBK) and

Columbia Sportswear

(COLM) - Get Columbia Sportswear Company Report

-- like falling margins -- doesn't matter to Dick's. Dick's doesn't care if consumers buy Nike or Reebok. What's bad for those companies is bad for those companies, Cramer said. "What's good for Dick's," meanwhile, is "good for Dick's," Cramer concluded.

Even as Cramer called Dick's his stock of the week, he urged investors to do their homework before running out and buying the stock. Still, if you have to buy the stock in the after hours, use a limit order, within reason, Cramer said. Do not buy the stock using a market order, Cramer cautioned.

'Lightning Round'


Image placeholder title

Cramer was bullish on


( DNA),

Lucent Technologies

( LU),


(TGT) - Get Target Corporation Report


American Science & Engineering



Enterra Energy



XM Satellite Radio

( XMSR),

Energy Partners



XTO Energy

( XTO),

Chesapeake Energy

(CHK) - Get Chesapeake Energy Corporation Report

"among the cheapest even after this monster run," Cramer said;

Charles Schwab

( SCH),


(WHR) - Get Whirlpool Corporation Report


United Technologies

(UTX) - Get United Technologies Corporation Report


Syneron Medical



Logitech International

(LOGI) - Get Logitech International S.A. Report


Pulte Homes

(PHM) - Get PulteGroup, Inc. Report


Skyworks Solutions

(SWKS) - Get Skyworks Solutions, Inc. Report

"I think Skyworks will be a double-digit stock by year end," Cramer said;

Allscripts Healthcare

(MDRX) - Get Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. Report


Psychiatric Solutions



Gold Kist

( GKIS), and

Smith & Wesson

( SWB).


Cramer was bearish on:




Clear Channel Communications

(CCU) - Get Cia Cervecerias Unidas SA Report





North Fork Bancorp

( NFB),

Leucadia National


"this is a bizarre conglomerate ... and difficult to understand," Cramer said;

BHP Billiton

(BHP) - Get BHP Group Ltd. Report


Juniper Networks

(JNPR) - Get Juniper Networks, Inc. Report


Given Imaging



TLC Vision

( TLCV), and


(SNE) - Get Sony Corp. Report


Tech Toughness

Cramer also told viewers not to lose faith in tech: "


(DELL) - Get Dell Technologies Inc Class C Report

screwed up on pricing. Plain and simple.


(CSCO) - Get Cisco Systems, Inc. Report

screwed up on conservative guidance. And for those reasons you are selling tech? Shame on you," Cramer said.

"Because these stocks are so important in the minds of so many investors -- rightly or wrongly -- I feel compelled to do more than just dismiss them as aberrant," he said. "In fact, they fit in perfectly well with my pro-tech thesis. Let me explain."

"First, let's deal with the fundamentals of these two ne'er-do-wells. Dell blew out the PC unit sales: up 25% overall and an astounding 47% in laptops. They priced poorly, and they paid the price for doing it. But that doesn't mean you should sell


(INTC) - Get Intel Corporation Report



(MSFT) - Get Microsoft Corporation Report


"In fact, it means you should buy them, because they are leveraged to the unit blowouts, not to the margins of Dell," Cramer said. "Often they are inverse: The more units Dell sells, the more Microsoft and Intel make, regardless of how much Dell makes," Cramer said.

"The most pathetic thing to do off of Cisco and Dell is to sell in what has always been the seasonably strongest part of the year. Right now is when the build starts, for PCs, for cell phones, for all of those consumer products that I want to leverage to. We could see an even bigger build in cell phones than usual because of the 3G mix change that starts in the fourth quarter," Cramer said.

In sum, Cramer said that any declines in tech should be seen as a gift.

Highs and Lowe's


(LOW) - Get Lowe's Companies, Inc. Report

reported better-than-expected second-quarter earnings Monday morning. But does good news for Lowe's mean equally good news for its rivals? Cramer asked.

Cramer said what's good for Lowe's may, in fact, not be good for its competitors. Instead, Cramer said that if you are looking for pin action after Lowe's terrific quarter, you would be better served by looking on Lowe's shelves -- going aisle by aisle.

Cramer said he would be looking at

Black & Decker

( BDK),

Fortune Brands

( FO), Whirlpool,


(MAS) - Get Masco Corporation Report


American Standard

( ASD).

And if you think Cramer is crazy for recommending cyclicals, he said that he's not worried about it. Oil prices -- along with gasoline prices -- are going up, but the Europeans have been dealing with high gas prices for years, suggesting that American companies should be able to deal with rising prices as well.

"Do not write off the obvious," Cramer said. "It can make you money."

Sysco Foodstuffs

Finally, Cramer spoke with the CEO of


(SYY) - Get Sysco Corporation Report

via telephone. Cramer asked Richard Schnieders why rising fuel prices did not hurt the company's fourth-quarter results, which the company reported on Monday morning. The CEO applauded his distributors and said that consumers are getting used to higher oil prices. Consumers are still eating out, the CEO said.

The food service distributor also said that its huge distribution centers allow the company to better service its customers, while also minimizing the impact that rising oil might otherwise have. Cramer, after listening to the company's bullish presentation, said that he would do a "'mon back" on the stock.

At the time of publication, Cramer was long Intel, Microsoft and Lucent.

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