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Editor's note: The following is a recap of the May 29 show, which was rebroadcast on Friday, Sept. 1.

As 78 million self-indulgent baby boomers start thinking about retiring, we need to begin thinking about where they are going to be spending their money and time, Jim Cramer told viewers of his "Mad Money" TV show Friday.

Today he said he's focusing on retirement and looking at the best-of-breed travel and leisure stocks that should make people money. Although many might find retirement boring, he assured his viewers that it could make them money.

However, he doesn't expect all of these leisure stocks take off right away, he emphasized. Some of these are stocks that people shouldn't buy right now because they have recently peaked. He said he wants people to pay attention to the stocks and look for good entry points.

Long term, these stocks should make you money, he said. But short term, be careful.

The baby boomer generation is status conscious, and when they travel, they want the best accommodations and want to be catered to and pampered, he said. Therefore, Cramer started his travel, leisure and luxury picks with

Four Seasons



When the threat of terrorism is high, Four Seasons gets smacked down because Wall Street thinks people stop traveling during this time. The company performed badly over the past year because of worries about terrorism and competition from rival


. But you can't keep a good company down, and that's why Cramer believes people can buy Four Seasons on weakness as the baby boomers start to retire.

Image placeholder title

When a caller asked about a midlevel hotel play that the budget-conscious baby boomer might use, Cramer suggested


TheStreet Recommends

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, although it is not a best-of-breed play, he said.


Starwood Hotels & Resorts


is a stock Cramer believes is on its way to best-of-breed status, he said. With its St. Regis brand, Starwood can rival Four Seasons, and charge a lot more money, he said, adding that although Starwood isn't best of breed yet, it is well on its way in terms of making money.

It's Not How You Feel, It's How You Look

Cramer said he wants people to understand how this retirement trend works. While Four Seasons is best of breed right now, that could change in an instant.

As an example he provided

Movado Group

, which was supposed to be a best-of-breed watch maker, but then started selling its watches at


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, which subsequently compromised the brand, and the company lost its best-of-breed status.

The next three stocks Cramer named are all about image, he said. They are

Orient-Express Hotels



Barnes & Noble

(BKS) - Get Barnes & Noble, Inc. Report


American Express

(AXP) - Get American Express Company Report


Orient-Express has the best-of-breed rail thing going and is the apex of the house of pleasure, Cramer said, adding that the company thrives off people's desire to travel in the highest possible style.

Barnes & Noble is all about the ambiance, as the company manages to rake in the dough because of its classy atmosphere, he said, calling it the secular temple of meeting single people.

American Express, which Cramer also likes for the travel game, is a credit card people actually pay for.

"These are classic American suits -- they will never go out of style," he said.

Let It Ride

The next area Cramer focused on was the gaming market.

Nothing is more guaranteed to lose you money than gambling, he said. But he knows one way it could win you some money.

"If the house always wins, then you buy the house," he exclaimed.

Las Vegas Sands

(LVS) - Get Las Vegas Sands Corp. (LVS) Report

is making money in Macau, China, where the average table brings in seven times more than the average table in Las Vegas. There is money to be made in Macau, and Las Vegas Sands is a best-of-breed casino stock, he said.

Wynn Resorts

(WYNN) - Get Wynn Resorts, Limited (WYNN) Report

is moving into the Macau area, but it's not worth getting into until it gets there, he said.

But since Las Vegas Sands and Wynn are in competition with each other, and Cramer believes competition is bad, he said he would rather you own a stock in a monopoly. That's why he believes it's better to get into

International Game Technology

(IGT) - Get International Game Technology PLC Report

, which makes slot machines. International Gaming Technology doesn't have a lot of competition and controls almost two thirds of the North American slot-machine market, he said.

Scientific Games

(SGMS) - Get Scientific Games Corporation Report

, a company that runs lotteries, is another stock worth getting into, he said.

The bottom line: When people have a lot of time and nothing to do, they gamble their money and time away, Cramer said. In this area, International Gaming Technology and Scientific Games will take their share, he said.

Choice Cuts and Cruise Ships

As Cramer moved on to the next two areas of his travel and leisure picks -- beef and cruise lines -- he reminded his viewers to look for good entry points and not rush into buying the stocks at once.

"Wait until they've been beaten up a little and then look into entering," he said.

When people go on a luxury vacation, they eat at

Morton's Restaurant



Ruth's Chris Steak House

(RUTH) - Get Ruth's Hospitality Group, Inc. Report

once they've exhausted the local flavor, he said.

Although both have been less than stellar, they still the deserve best-of-breed label, he said. He believes Morton's has a rally up its alley since it has been consistent with its numbers recently. But remember to buy it before the rally, not after it, he said.

Ruth's was written off by everyone after Hurricane Katrina since it was pummeled by the hurricane, but it has bounced back, Cramer said.

Taking a look at the cruise lines, he said they have leisure written all over them.

The main player here is

Royal Caribbean Cruises

(RCL) - Get Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Report

, he said, adding that it deserves a higher price-to-earnings multiple.

Cramer said he used to believe


(CCL) - Get Carnival Corporation Report

was best of breed, but not any more.

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