On Monday's "Mad Money" show, Jim Cramer made the case that "this is not a bear market rally." As evidence, he said the Nasdaq was up 17% from its lows.


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was up 69% year-to-date, he said, even before it announced its new iPhone on Monday.

On Tuesday, Apple closed down $1.13 to $142.72.


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was up 43% for the year, he said, benefiting from an increase in advertising market share.

On Tuesday, Google lost $3.15 to close at $435.62.

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was up 28% for the year.

On Tuesday, Cisco added 21 cents, or 1.1%, to close at $20.08.

For a speculative tech play, Cramer offered up

ADC Telecomm

( ADCT), which makes network infrastructure equipment. Cramer likes the stock as a play on increased demand in the U.S. and strength from China.

On Tuesday, ADC closed up 55 cents, or 7%, at $8.39.

Regions Financial

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CEO C. Dowd Ritter earned a spot on Cramer's Wall of Shame list of the worst CEOs due to the stock's 89% fall since Ritter became CEO.

On Tuesday, Regions lost a penny to close at $4.06.

In his

"Lightning Round" segment

, Cramer said that

Nordic American Tanker

(NAT) - Get Report

is his "favorite way to play the oil-tanker market."

On Tuesday, NAT gained $1.01, or 3.1%, to $33.62.

He also said he "should be recommending"

Otter Tail

(OTTR) - Get Report

because it's a "great wind play."

On Tuesday, Otter Tail closed up 6 cents at $20.22.

At the time of publication, Cramer was long Cisco.

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