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Cramer: Why Bank Earnings Are a Window to Winning Stocks

Jim Cramer says banks’ earnings reports didn’t just talk about the banks, they revealed economic strength, consumer confidence and sectors poised to profit.

Since the movie “Moneyball” came out in 2011, there has been an increasingly widespread belief that everything boils down to pure numbers. It worked in baseball, surely it must on Wall Street?

Jim Cramer told his Mad Money viewers recently that, on the contrary, investors can miss out by being too focused with the hard numbers. Cramer said that even when it comes to banks and banking, there is a much bigger picture to see than only interest margins and book values.

From American Express to Poshmark and Skyworks Solutions, read over on Real Money about all the stocks Cramer says reflect the American economy. 

Cramer described the wealth of information that banks provide about the overall health of the economy. Listening to what the banks had to say this quarter was stunning, Cramer explained. Consumers are flush with cash and are ready to spend, and that means great things for a host of companies.

All of the following stock picks can be found inside the bank earnings conference calls, Cramer said, but only if you're looking for the big picture and not getting hung up on loan ratios and default rates.

Consumers are spending on travel, which is great for American Airlines  (AAL)  and Delta Air Lines  (DAL) , along with American Express  (AXP) , Cramer's favorite travel-related financial. Americans also want to look good, which means new apparel from Poshmark  (POSH)  and Levi Strauss  (LEVI) .

Looking at what people are using their money for shows that luxury items like the boats Brunswick Corp.  (BC)  makes are in demand. People are flocking to other luxuries at Williams-Sonoma  (WSM)  and RH  (RH) . Finally, people are spending on tech, upgrading their cell phone plans at T-Mobile  (TMUS) , buying big-screen TVs at Best Buy  (BBY)  or picking up the latest Apple  (AAPL)  gadgets.

At the time of publication, Cramer's Action Alerts PLUS had a position in AAPL. Learn more about the AAP investment club.