Jim Cramer on COVID-19: 'It's Very Different' In Italy Versus U.S.

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As you may have noticed, Jim Cramer has been on vacation for the past week or so. 

And now that he's back, he has some thoughts on traveling overseas and what it's like to be in Italy right now. 

Cramer wrote about his experiences in his column on Real Money on Wednesday, Sept. 8. 

Nothing like going overseas to get a fresh perspective on COVID. You may remember that this pandemic became worldwide when Northern Italy suffered a huge outbreak of what was then called the coronavirus. It occurred right around the time of Milan Fashion Week, February 2020, with tourists coming in from all over the world, including a large percentage of Asians.

The Italian health care system was quickly overwhelmed and a country often thought of being the ultimate tourist destination for Americans became known as one of the most dangerous places on earth.

Cramer details his thoughts in the video above.

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