Jim Cramer: Nothing Has Changed With China

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Wall Street saw another round of headlines from President Trump this weekend. And you can probably guess, most of them involved China.

"We are doing very well with China, and talking!" Trump tweeted. Trump added that the U.S. economy is "the best in the world, by far," and China is "eating" the cost of tariffs.

In addition, Trump said he spoke to Apple AAPL CEO Tim Cook, who made a "very compelling" argument of how tariffs would impact the iPhone-maker.

But things weren't all rosy.

Trump once again called Huawei a "national security threat." The statement comes with the key license that allows Huawei to buy parts from U.S. companies set to expire Monday.

All in all, has anything really changed when it comes to U.S. relations with China, or is this repeat showing of Groundhog Day set to continue?

Catch Jim Cramer's take in the video above. 

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