Facebook Is the Ultimate E-Commerce Stock for Jim Cramer

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The ultimate e-commerce stock? No, not this DoorDash,  (DASH) - Get Report which they can't get open. They're talking about they're almost being double. I would not want you in that, almost double. I want you to be a seller, not a buyer. If you've got anything, you can cut the call off, go sell some DoorDash and come right back. 

But the ultimate e-commerce stock? I think that's Facebook,  (FB) - Get Report which has developed into a method for more small businesses to be able to become big business than just about any institution in the world.

I think that as a social site it has more than its fair share of issues. But you have to admit that ever since they embraced the cause of small business and kept it front and center during all sorts of investigations, they’ve become a much more investable institution.

I think there's so much more they can do with Instagram and with the broader ability to be the next PayPal  (PYPL) - Get Report or even bitcoin, let alone making money with WhatsApp and Oculus. The future is astoundingly bright for them.

When you ask the management of any company that has products that it wants to sell to consumers, they always say they want to reach them via digital. Now, that Facebook has a better reputation, these same companies would say we want to reach them through Facebook or Instagram. 

But they still fear boycotts. I think it's a mistake to fear it anymore. But so what? You're just not going to talk about Facebook? I don't care. Along with Amazon  (AMZN) - Get Report and Google  (GOOGL) - Get Report, it's way ahead of Pinterest  (PINS) - Get Report and Snap  (SNAP) - Get Report and Twitter  (TWTR) - Get Report in gathering e-commerce dollars. Those are really just much lesser sites, even though some of them are doing better.