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Jim Cramer Says a Biden Presidency Will Be Great for Apple

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Let’s start with Apple  (AAPL) - Get Apple Inc. Report. Apple needs Joe Biden to beat Donald Trump in the election in November and win the presidency. 

Apple’s been walking this tightrope with the president about China, and the new iPhone will not hit its sales projections – it will miss its sales projections – if the president steps up the Cold War with the Chinese. 

And we know because. … The new phone was issued yesterday. It’s a great phone. It’s a 5G. But – it needs China to buy. It’s a great tribute to [Apple Chief Executive] Tim Cook that he’s been able to appease everyone, both sides. He has been deft in his ability to explain why everyone could be a winner. 

Biden knows this. And he has no animus against Apple. And while he doesn’t want to be as soft on China as previous Democrats, Apple stands to sell more iPhones under Biden than under Trump. And that’s really what it’s about. 

I think a Biden White House might have a Department of Justice that might look into the role of the App Store suppression of new products. But given that no company has to use the store – I know that from when we put it finally in the store – I don’t think it will fly either politically or economically. Too many companies do well because of the App Store. 

For the record, I am very excited about the 12, the new Apple 5G. I think it will sell well. But it could put up overwhelming numbers if Biden is elected. I have the 11. It’s not good enough.

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