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Jim Cramer Wants Healthier Gains From Healthcare Stocks

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Now, I'm never going to punt on all of pharma. 

Bristol-Myers.  (BMY)  Bristol-Myers has been no friend here. $60. It's like it's stuck, just like epoxy, to 60. But it's too cheap and it's got this MyoKardia data that‘s going to come out this month. And I think and [CEO] Giovanni Caforio has told you it's going to be gigantic. So we have to wait. We have to wait and we'll take that 3¼ yield while we wait. 

AbbVie  (ABBV)  is boring but with that outsize yield, it actually may be one of the more perfect stocks to own in the environment. Now, do not forget, do not forget what will happen with Botox. They can't go -- people don't go for Botox right now. Too dangerous. That's going to open up. And that is going to be huge for them.

Was it painful to sell some of Abbott  (ABT)  yesterday at 120? Oh, my God, yes, it was. I mean, I like the stock so much, but we're walking around with a huge gain from the medical-device company that has made more money off of COVID than just about any company. And we don't want to give that money back. 

You were kicking around to get rid of all of it, but the fact is -- and let's see, it's at 118, so we were up, it’s a buck and a half when we sold it -- we were kicking around getting rid of all of it. But the fact is that a considerable amount of Abbott's business has been on hold because of the pandemic, like AbbVie with Botox. 

And this time it's because of diabetes, well, there's a lot of different devices that Abbott has that are insanely profitable. Don't forget, its diabetes franchise is good.

 My thinking is in flux on this one. I am torn because we sold the stocks of its competitors, Danaher  (DHR)  and Thermo Fisher,  (TMO)  with hefty gains, only to see them rally far more than that. I thought this was a hobgoblin. Abbott Labs. Yeah, I got mixed emotions.

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