IPO Calendar: August 17 - 21, 2020


There are seven IPOs currently scheduled for the week of August 17 - 21. Nine firms will see their 25-day underwriter research quiet periods end. One operating company will have its 180-day shareholder sale lockup period expire during the week.

Monday, August 17

IPO Price:

Northern Genesis Acq., (NGA.U), Blank Check, No Opinion, $10.00

Quiet End:

Jamf Holding, (JAMF), Enterprise IT

Property Solutions Acq., (PSACU), Blank Check

Pershing Square Tontine Acq., (PSTH.U), Blank Check

Montrose Enviro. Group, (MEG), Environmental

Ascendant Digital Acq., (ACND.U), Blank Check

Nurix Therapeutics, (NRIX), Biopharma

Greencity Acquisition, (GRCYU), Blank Check

Tuesday, August 18

IPO Price:

Harmony Biosciences, (HRMY), Biopharma, $20.00 - $23.00, IPOs On TheStreet Opinion: Neutral - Read It

Inhibrx, (INBX), Biopharma, $16.00 - $18.00, IPOs On TheStreet Opinion: Neutral - Read It

Forum Merger III, (FIIIU), Blank Check, $10.00, No Opinion

Quiet End:

Inozyme Pharma, (INZY), Biopharma

iTeos Therapeutics, (ITOS), Biopharma

Wednesday, August 19

Lockup Exp.:

Zhongchao, (ZCMD), Healthcare IT

Thursday, August 20

IPO Price:

Nano-X Imaging, (NNOX), Medical Devices, $16.00 - $18.00, IPOs On TheStreet Opinion: Neutral - Read It

Kymera Therapeutics (KYMR), Biopharma, $16.00 - $18.00, IPOs On TheStreet Opinion: Neutral - Read It

Friday, August 21

  • No scheduled activity

Day to Day

IPO Price:

Petra Acquisition, (PAICU), Blank Check, $10.00, No Opinion


IPOs On TheStreet Opinion Performance Year-to-Date:




IPO Price:

Initial Public Offering pricing date. The calendar date referenced for each IPO is the expected pricing date. The trading date is usually the following day.

Quiet End:

End of the customary 25-day period after an IPO during which the major analyst firms who have been involved in the IPO do not publish research on the company.

Lockup Exp.:

End of the customary 180-day period after an IPO during which pre-IPO shareholders may not sell their shares.