LOS ANGELES -- Zoombak is both a GPS car and family locator. What Gadget Grrl really likes about it is thatit's a great little device to keep in your luggage or laptop case in the event that theyare lost.

The Zoombak device is $249 -- a small price to pay for peace of mind. Next, if you have not picked up a Bluetooth headset yet, the Z9i Bluetooth Headset might be one to consider. That is especially true if you live in a state that has changed the law prohibiting theuse of cell phones on the road. Gadget Grrl says a minor flaw is that its silver/black design is a bit distracting.

Zoombak Advanced GPS Locator
$249 + service

The Zoombakgives you one less thing to worry about while trying to do your job as a mobile executive.This 2.5 oz. device is small enough to put into the trunk of your car or laptop case.

Once it is placed, there is a service (plans start at $9.99 per month) that you can go to online. This service allows you to set up virtual boundaries for your vehicle and/or whatever other valuable you have assigned to the Zoombak. If your car or other item goes outside of the virtual boundary, you'll receive a text message or email alerting you that the boundary has been breached.

There are also live operators via an 800 number, available 24/7 to assist you. This could be invaluable if your car or suitcase is lost or stolen.

Z9i Bluetooth Headset

Like a number of other Bluetooth headsets out there, this one is small in size, 1.61" x .068", and weighs just 11 grams.

It also has a lithium polymer battery that when charged will allow for 5 1/2 hours ofcontinual talk time.

What is unique about the Z9i is that it will allow you to switch between two "voice isolation" modes, standard and max. Depending on your circumstances, for example if you were outside and there was a great deal of wind, you might opt for the max mode.

The Z9i comes in either black or silver, which leads to my one gripe. On the black modelthere is a thin silver strip up around the ear hook. I have long hair, but when I see men with short hair wearing Bluetooth devices, it's distracting to see a black device with a blade of silver running along the back of the ear. It's like looking at a piece of jewelry where it shouldn't be.

That said, the performance on the Z9i headset was fine, especially when it was paired with the BlackBerry Curve. For one of the best prices, go to the link listed above.

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