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Zoom Buys a Company to Grow Its Events Business, Services

Zoom Video, the popular teleconferencing company, has acquired Liminal's assets to support its events business.

Zoom Video Communications  (ZOOM)  has acquired assets from the event production startup Liminal that will enable it to create higher-quality productions than the average Zoom meeting, according to CNet. 

During the pandemic, Liminal focused on bridging the gap between Zoom meetings and in-person events such as academic lectures and theater performances. 

It developed apps like ZoomISO, which generates individual video outputs of the participants in a Zoom meeting. The outputs can then be exported to media servers or a variety of production formats, including high definition. 

The company also developed the app ZoomOSC, which makes it easier for users to send a command from an application or third-party software to Zoom. 

These assets will allow Zoom to make higher-quality productions, with enhanced sound control, than what we have all become accustomed to in Zoom calls. 

Zoom Expands Its Reach

As anyone who teleconferenced during the pandemic or attended a virtual birthday party or happy hour knows, the popularity of Zoom exploded during the pandemic, growing from 10 million daily meeting participants at the end of 2019 to 350 million by the end of 2020. 

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With the pandemic about to enter its third year, the need for virtual events has only grown. Zoom has needed to keep its services up to date and efficient, and it has also relied on third-party services like the ones Liminal provided. 

Liminal's products will remain "largely available," but Zoom is working on the development of products based on the application that will eventually make them obsolete, the Zoom Video spokesperson told CNet.

"Like the future of work, we believe that the future of events will include a combination of virtual and in-person formats," Zoom explained in a press release. "Whether it is a large trade show, corporate summit, internal event, or online classes, our customers will need a holistic solution that provides them with what they need to confidently build, host, and manage virtual and hybrid events.:

Why Did Zoom Buy Liminal?

The purchase accelerates Zoom's efforts to grow its events business. It also gives the company access to more talent.

With virtual and hybrid events here to stay, users will need best-in-class tools to professionally produce their programs and performances online from anywhere in the world. As part of our ongoing efforts to offer these solutions, we are pleased to announce that we recently acquired certain assets from Liminal, a startup company that offers event production solutions built largely on Zoom’s SDK. Two of Liminal’s co-founders, Andy Carluccio and Jonathan Kokotajlo, will also join Zoom. Liminal’s solutions, including their ZoomOSC and ZoomISO apps, will help bridge Zoom with traditional and emerging event control applications and hardware to help theaters, broadcast studios, and other creative organizations address complex technical production needs, and collaborate and create online effectively.

Liminal’s software can connect multiple HD video feeds from Zoom to production-grade hardware and applications. "By adding these capabilities and more to our events management and production offerings, we believe we will continue to be the leading comprehensive, one-stop, hybrid events management platform in the market. We will cover the entire value chain from creative production, broadcasting, editing, and fully customizable live event experiences with robust pre-event planning, in-event management, and post-event analytics," Zoom added.