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LOS ANGELES -- Gadget Grrl likes the look and feel of the Zivio headset. For starters, this is not like most of the other Bluetooth headsets out there.This one has an actual boom microphone that extends down near your mouthfor better input while talking.

Next, since most hotel alarm clocks are set to some fuzzy radio station and usually go off at 3 am, traveling with your own alarm clock can be useful.Here is an alarm clock that you can program to motivate, encourage, remindand wake you up on the road.

Now back to that headset.

Zivio Headset

Of note here is the style and design of the headset; it just does not look or feel like it was constructed out of cheap materials, like so many other headsets on the market.

Unlike some headsets, this one has three very easy-to-access, easy-to-use buttons on the face. Two to operate the volume and one called the Joby (manufacturer) button to handle the calls.

Its microphone extends down approximately three inches from the headset and itshould be noted that the extension is malleable and bends, so it's not stiff while being worn.

I found that both receiving and making calls were clear. I was able to carry on a conversation at a normal level without having to increase the volume of my conversation in order for the person on the other end to hear me.

The extended boom microphone also signals to others that you are in a conversation. There is a smooth rubberized black front with a silver back. Even the charger has the smooth, rubberized black surface along with retractable prongs and two USB slots.

There are several interchangeable earpieces, or you can also use the ear loop.

I like the look and feel of this headset along with the 10 hours of talk time.

Finally, an FYI, this company, Joby, is a member of 1% for the Planet, so they're notall talk.

Motivational MP3 Alarm Clock
£31.98 GBP

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TheStreet Recommends

This alarm clock wakes you up with motivational messages. The voice sounds like a British male, which I much prefer over the static on a hotel alarm clock.

The company's philosophy is that hearing these positive affirmations while you awake will further impact the rest of your day and/or life.

There is a USB plug that plugs into your PC and allow you to load your own personal messages as well. The clock comes with more than 240 spoken affirmations and a choice of a number of pre-programmed messages along with some synthesized tones, music or alarm sound.

It's also a picture frame so you can put in your favorite motivational photo.

This might be a good gift to your sales team. You could include a photo of some upcoming tradeshow along with a few motivational wake-up calls.

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Site to see:

Flight Status

With more and more airlines canceling flights in order to fill up planes (I had it happen twice in the last two weeks), a site like this can save you time. With near real-time flightstatus, you type in the airport for a list of either departures or arrivals to see whether theyhave cancelled or are delayed.

Calling the airlines can take hours, so if you can access this info in your hotel room prior to departing for the airport, it gives you more options on the next plan of action.

FYI, the shorter hops and smaller cities are the ones that are getting cancelled the most.

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