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You Ask, Stockpickr Answers: Feb. 19

Lately on Stockpickr, people have been asking questions about Exxon, Kimberly-Clark and more.

NEW YORK (Stockpickr) -- Over at Stockpickr, Stockpickr members participate in an ongoing discussion of stocks they own, stocks they want to own, stocks they don't want to own -- and anything else that's on their mind -- in the Stockpickr Answers forum. Today, David Peltier is hanging out in the forum to add his insight and analysis to the conversation.

Peltier is the manager of


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portfolio, and his market interests include small-caps and technology and retail stocks, but feel free to throw any question his way.

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Where do you think energy prices are going in 2010? What sectors are you using to play your thesis? Click here for to read responses to this question or to respond yourself.

Sturm Ruger seems to have made a head-and-shoulders bottom yesterday, and CKE Restaurants seems to want to break out here. I've been long Sturm Ruger for a few months and just got into CKE last week in the low $8s. What are your thoughts on these two? Click here for to read responses to this question, including one from Peltier, or to respond yourself.

Kimberly-Clark or Procter & Gamble ? Both have great dividends. Kimberly missed last quarter; Procter appears to be hitting its stride. Click here for to read responses to this question or to respond yourself.

Exxon Mobil has ben a really dead stock of late. It's one of the only major oil companies near its March lows, when oil was trading around $33 to $40. It has lagged the recent rally in oil and the market. Why is Exxon such a broken stock?Click here for to read responses to this question or to respond yourself.


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