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You Ask, Stockpickr Answers

TSC Ratings' David MacDougall responds to questions about Apollo Group, Research In Motion and more.

Throughout the trading week on Stockpickr Answers, investing professionals answer questions posed by members of the Stockpickr community.

TSC Ratings Analyst

David MacDougall

answered questions on Wednesday.

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, MacDougall discussed whether

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, if

General Electric


represents the "

buying opportunity of a lifetime

," and

Wells Fargo's


unjust punishment


Here are some questions and comments from the Stockpickr community that MacDougall responded to on Wednesday. You might have to scroll through to find his answers.

Why is Apollo down so much today?Click here for MacDougall's response.

Do you specialize in certain market sectors?Click here for MacDougall's response.

What is your opinion of Research In Motion here? Currently I'm up about 7% on a decent-sizedposition, and I'm debating whether to hold through earnings tomorrow after thebell. I think eventually RIMM goes higher, but I'm worried about a short-termpullback.Also, do you have any opinions on Axsys as a takeover play?Click here for MacDougall's response.

Do you have any opinion on the overall future growth of the wireless market? Iknow some are seeing a general slowdown, but as new products roll out and speedsget faster, I see a lot of people continuing to upgrade.Who do you see as the big winners going forward? Click here for MacDougall's response.

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