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Scott Rothbort

answered questions recently.



lately, Rothbort wrote about

Bed Bath and Beyond's

(BBBY) - Get Report

recent quarter


financial regulation

and how companies such as


(GOOG) - Get Report



(EBAY) - Get Report

could benefit from

Michael Jackson's death


Here are some questions and comments from the Stockpickr community that Rothbort responded to recently. You might have to scroll through to find his answers.

What is the stock to buy long -term in the casual dining Sector?Click here for Rothbort's response.

What's the deal with Panara Bread going down every other day? Click here for Rothbort's response.

Is Apple headed up or down over the next couple of days/weeks? Cramer's been harping on the iPhone/BlackBerry (Research In Motion ) revolution, but it looks like Apple just fell through its support lines. Thoughts? Click here for Rothbort's response.

Exactly how important do you think earnings will be in the third quarter as a potential market mover? Click here for Rothbort's response.

Can anyone tell me about Amylin ? What's going on this company? Is this stock going up next week? Click here for Rothbort's response.

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