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Scott Rothbort

answered questions recently.




lately, Rothbort has identified a

glimmer of hope


Toll Brothers'

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earnings report, evaluated the

Dow Jones Industrial Average's

selection of


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to replace outgoing components


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, and

reviewed Richard Bernsein's investing guidelines


Here are some questions and comments from the Stockpickr community that Rothbort has been responding to. You might have to scroll through to find his answers.

If we have a selloff this summer, which sectors will lead? Will it be tech, commodities and financials, which have led the way up? Would you buy some puts to play this? How about ETFs? Click here for Rothbort's response.

Scott, you were right about money coming into the market in "The Merry, MerryMonth of May." But, from what I hear, there's still a good $4 billion waiting inthe wings. What's the holdup? Click here for Rothbort's response.

Is there an ETF to short treasuries? Click here for Rothbort's response.

Agree or disagree: Apple is more of a consumer play than a tech play. Click here for Rothbort's response.

What happens to the TARP bank money that will be returned? Will it be returned and disappear like it didn't exist? Click here for Rothbort's response.

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