You Ask, Peltier Answers: Apollo, Energy, Berkshire

David Peltier, portfolio manager for's Dividend Stock Advisor, answers a round of timely market questions.
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Recently, David Peltier ( Dividend Stock Advisor

) responded to a round of timely questions.

Here are a few of those questions and Peltier's answers.

Picked up Apollo Investment on Wednesday March 11. March 17 is the ex-dividend date. Juicy yield, but it appears that the company won't be able to pay it. I'm thinking of taking the profits right now and running. Any other thoughts?


Congrats on the trade. And no, the current dividend still doesn't look too safe.

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Anybody else's energy plays been getting clobbered in this market rally? Ibought XTO Energy and ConocoPhillips . COP is up...for me and XTO is down... Why are they energy stocks getting beat up?


Can't speak for the whole group, though COP didn't impress at its analyst meeting

on March 11. And it's hard for natural gas to rally.

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Now they Fitch Ratings want to downgrade Berkshire Hathaway , stating Warren Buffet Berkshire Chairman and CEO as the reason. Is this a joke or what?


I'm not a big fan of the ratings agencies. In fact, I'm surprised that Congress hasn't tried to put them out of business.

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