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Here are some questions and comments from the Stockpickr community that Peltier's been responding to. You might have to scroll through to find his answers.

I sold my U.S. Natural Gas holdings because Cramer was bearish on it and said it had another leg down. I stay away from stocks that get negative notes, like First Solar's downgrade and price target cut. Smith International's ( SII) price target was cut, and I sold out of that. I didn't sell for a lost but didn't sell for gains. After last year's selloff, I don't have any tolerance for stocks that get downgraded or that people like Cramer say have another leg down.Click here for Peltier's response.

Job loses are at 345,000, with the estimate for 550,000, but the unemployment rate is at 9.4%, well above the 9.2% estimate. I don't know how anyone can believe these jobs-loss numbers, especially with all the major GM ( GMGMQ) dealers now closing.I'm getting sick of all these talking heads going on and on about how the stimulus bill will surge the conomy higher in the second half. We're only three weeks away from the second half! The stimulus bill is over-hyped. It may help a little, but it'll far from save us.Click here for Peltier's response.

Higher oil prices should help solar. I like Canadian Solar . Uranium is another hot area. Check out Uranium Energy . And energies are on fire, like Stone Energy . Thoughts? Click here for Peltier's response.

Rosetta Stone is the best language product I've ever used. What do you guys think of the company? Click here for Peltier's response.

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