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You Ask, Peltier Answers

David Peltier answers questions about Wells Fargo, Disney and more.

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David Peltier

, manager of the

Dividend Stock Advisor


Value Investor

portfolios, answered questions on Stockpickr Answers recently.

Recently on

, Peltier discussed

three stocks likely to raise their dividends

, including




Northrop Grumman


and whether

Goodyear Tire & Rubber


is a



Here are some questions and comments from the Stockpickr community that Peltier responded to recently. You might have to scroll through to find his answers.

If Wells Fargo trounces earnings and gets a hugespike, will other banks announce better than expected earnings and get the hugespike like WFC has seen?Click here for Peltier's response.

Sell into this rally? When tax return money runs out, what will happen? Sell inMay and ...Click here for Peltier's response.

Do you think we are in an intermediate-term uptrend or simply trading in a range ? Click here for Peltier's response.

It looks like, what do I know, Bank of America is magnetized towards $10 and Wells Fargo maybe to $20? Click here for Peltier's response.

What do you think of McCormick and Disney ? Click here for Peltier's response.

David,What's your view of World Wrestling Entertainment ? It's always had a nice yield (though never 12%). Do you think the dividend is safe for this one? About what level (unless we're already there) would consider the dividend unsafe? Click here for Peltier's response.

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