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I am looking to put some more cash to work in my IRA, but can't decide between:-- Adding to my small position in AT&T ;-- Picking up Philip Morris ;-- Picking up iShares MSCI Brazil Index .I am going for the yield. I already have Goldman Sachs , ConocoPhillips , Diageo and The Shaw Group ( SGR), and some international mutual funds. I have about $700 I want to put to work.Any thoughts?


Basically, I like AT&T, keeping in mind that I have it in the modelportfolio of my dividend stock advisor newsletter.

No need to add more international exposure with EWZ or PM, with the mutual fundsalready there.

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What's the deal with Altria and Philip Morris? These two stocks get so much press...but they just seem to go down. Never owned them, but as they go lower I do watch them for a snapback.


The tobacco sector was downgraded at Credit Suisse today. I think we're in the 8th inning as far as the legal issues in this sector.

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Is Focus Media ( FMCN) a value trap?


In some ways, yes... but value trap is a little harsh for a company with such aclean balance sheet.

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With a dividend cut and ratings cut built in, GE looks like a good buy at this level. Am I missing something?


GE is a growth company in an environment where there's little to no growth across the globe.

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