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You Ask, Peltier Answers

David Peltier answers questions on tobacco stocks, ValueClick and more.


Stockpickr Answers

, David Peltier responded to a new batch of questions posed by members of the Stockpickr community.

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Anybody can ask, respond or comment at Stockpickr Answers; the top responders get ranked in our "Top Analysts" section. Here are a few of the questions to which Peltier recently responded. (Note: You may have to scroll through several answers to see Peltier's.)

  • I don't get what's going on with Altria (MO)/Philip Morris (PM) -- why aren't they at a combined $80-plus right now? I know this is a long-term play, but still, why are they trading like this?
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  • Thoughts on ValueClick (VCLK)? With M&A picking up and media in flux, I'm thinking that with the stock down around $17 there's 1 point down vs. 10 up
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  • I help at a local high school once a week. The "buzz" lately with the 18 and older kids that have part-time jobs is that are very aware that they will be receiving a $600 government stimulus check soon. They are all speaking of what they are going to buy. Perhaps a retail play on this demographic?
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  • How would you interpret this line item from an agenda for an annual meeting of shareholders? To approve an amendment to the Articles of Incorporation to increase the authorized common shares from 20,200,000 to 44,000,000.I know authorized shares are not necessarily issued, but after this authorization, what does it take for a company to issue these shares. Must they take it to the underwriters?
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  • With Verizon (VZ) going ex-dividend, do you anticipate that the stock will dip below $36 this week?
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