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Here are some questions and comments from the Stockpickr community that MacDougall's been responding to. You might have to scroll through to find his answers.

What are your thoughts on the industrials and basic material stocks, especially the ones that have retraced over 50% from their recent highs? I agree with most that they ran up much too fast, but now I'm starting to think we've overreacted to the downside. Thoughts?Click here for MacDougall's response.

Do you have a take on Olin ? The talking point a few weeks back was that there's an ammo shortage, so it's a buy. But what if it's hit by a rise in cost of input material for ammo? Is Olin a buy down here under $11? Click here for MacDougall's response.

I just bought a 1,000 shares of Citigroup at $3.05 per share, 3,000 shares of Vaalco at $3.60 per share and 1,000 shares of E*Trade at $1.25 per share. Hoping to sell Citigroup on earnings news, Vaalco in a couple of months, and E*Trade is my lottery ticket. Am I doing the right thing here, or should I sell immediately? I would appreciate an answer from a professional.Click here for MacDougall's response.

I just noticed that Fortress Investment Group ran under $3 on June 23, joining the 40% off group. I believedin its story higher but just can't understand 40% off. Click here for MacDougall's response.

What health care stocks do you have on your radar? Click here for MacDougall's response.

I own 10 shares of a reputable company. I am 25 years old and not making a lot of money. What should I do with these shares? Click here for MacDougall's response.

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