You Ask, Kusick Answers: Solar, GE, GM

Larsen Kusick answers questions about Evergreen Solar, GE and GM.
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Larsen Kusick

responded to a round of timely questions.

Here are a few of those questions and Kusick's answers.

Thoughts of buying Evergreen Solar around $1.00. I feel like the government is going to besubsidizing this industry within the next year or two. Stock was at 12 bucks less than a year ago. This stock could be a 200%, 300%, 500% return on equity in the next two years? What are your thoughts?


ESLR is interesting because they've been focused on maximizing efficiency usingtheir "string ribbon" technology. I agree with your take on pro-solar legislation, but it's not something that's a year or two away -- it's already in existing legislation.

The bigger issue for the solar industry is the lack of financing available for customers looking to go forward with big solar projects.

First Solar

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management just came out and said the near-term picture is worse than they've ever seen.

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If GE's infrastructure business is worth (supposedly) $8.00-$8.50 a share, then how much is the financial arm worth?


I would take this further and say that the market is applying a negative value to the Capital Finance unit based on the fact it holds deteriorating assets linked to both real estate and consumer credit, as well as some mortgage exposure.

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General Motors . Yesterday, 25% gain. Today, about 10-15% up again... What news is pushing this stock up?


GM is a company that doesn't appear to have a future that doesn't involve massive help from the federal government. Most investors believe the only reason it won't go bankrupt is as a result of this intervention. As a result, it's difficult to place a confident value on the common stock.

It may not be company-specific news, but GM isn't the only stock in the market that fits the above description.

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Updates: "GM Posts $9.6 Billion Loss, Sales Dive 34%" and "Opinion: Lessons from GM's Board of 1992"

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